Just what did you put

your name to Harry?


Two blindfolded

Pin pricks

Upon an almanac

Two summer days

Picked out

For ‘Little Boy’ and ‘Fat Man’

To go skydiving

Nice touch!

Even if

In your own words

Those feral boys were

‘New and cruel’


1.2×10^5 frazzled

In an instant

Largely speaking

Airbrushed since


Time and God

On your side

Does that small thing


The look in

Harry’s eyes

Would, no doubt

Have been a sight

To behold

When he mouthed

That he had shortened

‘The agony of war’

Whose agony

was that then Harry?


If Harry knew Jesus

(I’m guessing he did)

I wonder if they

Had words

Maybe an accord reached?

The green light proffered

Or maybe, just maybe

A quiet chat

With The Begetter

A little reference to

The unforgiving

39 canonical books,

The Hebrew ones

Job done!

Easy peasy!

The old boy

Takes no prisoners

We all know that


Still history and Harry

Got away with it

Not so the


‘Little Boy’ and ‘Fat Man’

Saw to that


I remembrance of

The innocents

I ask you Harry

‘Was there a better way?’


Answers in my dreams please




  1. Powerful and sobering. I’ve thought often about the thousands of innocent people whose lives simply ended just because they lived in the wrong place at the wrong time. And the thousands more lives that have dealt with the lingering aftermath, including our own.
    Well written. May I reblog this?

    1. Please feel free to reblog. As I mentioned to Paul I was going to write about Dresden but ended up going a different direction. It matters not as wherever military forces targets civilians evil is afoot no matter which side you’re on!

  2. Well put and leaves us with much to ponder! Thoroughly enjoyed the canonical bit – you just couldn’t resist again, could you? Please do inform me how I can get notified by e-mail of your latest posts. I can’t seem to find that ‘button’ and sadly I fear I am missing out

    1. Daleen I am PC hopeless so cannot help…I rely on the ‘Blogs I Follow’ thing and take an hour a day reading from that! I’m so hopeless that having managed to turn on (in a practical way that is) the posh mobile phone they got me I cannot for the life of me understand ‘apps’ and installing them! There is little hope for my kind methinks.

      1. I am a technophobe myself but have discovered the ‘manage subscriptions’ thingy from whence I believe I can force your blog to send me e-mails. I suppose it is a bit like online rape, therefore I first ask for your consent…?

      2. Crikey does this a chap has to carry his laptop home accompanied by chums in case marauding females attack in the night and take liberties with my blog! What a to-do! Of course you can do your technophobe thingy.

  3. holy shit! – incredibly powerful – all the more so because of your brilliant use of understatement – as Oppenheimer cited “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.”

    1. Cheers. As Billy Bragg wrote, ‘Even Dr Oppenheimer fell at the first hurdle’! Watched a documentary on how we destroyed Dresden but couldn’t make the right words fit.

      1. Are Svetlana speak again…you must stopped doing that for it triggers thoughts of my waitress muse. Our young lady Croatian chum when saying Svetlana says it without the ‘t’ which I thought odd!

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