eternal aviator

Looking downward from atop the

Highest peak in the craggy range an

Unaccountable compulsion to leap

Took hold leaving him as confused as

A necrophiliac in a waxwork morgue


With his backpack off he felt naked

That the proposed leap had a carnal

Aspect aroused, disturbed and baffled

Small torture, petit mort, chains that bind

Then again so was that leap of faith years

Previous declaring undying love to a dying girl

Her terminal condition unbeknownst to him then

Maybe gave her some small solace down the line

When slipping off this mortal coil, certainly ruined

His life though nothing exceeds the torment of a

A lover vanished, an ethereal nothingness then

Housing such strange bedfellows as guilt and compassion

Whatever the poets of old might have you believe


From atop that peak, eyes momentarily

Shut tight he dived and then eyes wide open

Thought he had blacked out; thought wrong

All about him a starless night within which he flew

No up, down or sideways, distance or thermals

This day fall became flight

This day time stood still

This day infinity froze

A glorious blindness

The true art of flight

That day he became

The Eternal Aviator


21 thoughts on “THE ETERNAL AVIATOR

  1. …and then he fell…

    as confused as
    A necrophiliac in a waxwork morgue

    Wow Mike. You know my son is starting a metal band and we’re trying to get him started on writing songs. Think we could borrow this one?

      1. We have our elections in May and the right wing bastards UKIP are still hanging in there! If they ever get any sort of power I trust your destructive pen will turn toward them!

      1. I remember years ago when Shirl and I got together and she took me to the Black Mountains in Wales. Dense fog that day so for all intents and purposes I could have been in The Fens! Must go for I am hoping the dentist will cure my toothache yet with another back spasm getting in his chair should be fun…his young lady assistant has a rather tasty cleavage so that might just do the trick!

    1. Good point…this where religion/after death stuff falls apart. Say one has had a hundred true lovers. When snuffing it do the believers anticipate meeting them all again (would end up in a punch-up); run with meeting them one at a time or do you get to pick out a favourite. A dilemma for sure.

      1. I agree that meeting in the after-life might produce all sorts of problems. With my luck I would discover that debts transferred into the afterlife, and those creditors who had preceded me would be waving writs at my at the “Portal to Paradise”

      2. Never thought of that! I’ve served many a writ/summons etc in this life…what if I met all the guys and gals I served on the other side? Having said that I recall on rather tasty young lady who offered me her body in exchange for ripping up the papers. At the time I declined the offer yet in heaven…well!

  2. You know, I never gave much thought to why a necrophiliac might be afflicted with such a passion, but you have a good idea here. I knew a girl once who dated a guy who worked in a mortuary, and their first time was in a casket with a dead man in the same room! How creepy is that? 😀

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