mike june 1971 001

A verdant fool and a young lady from Switzerland
(shamefully her name is lost in time) from long ago


Add to a hairball teenage communist

A good measure of best quality

Cannabis resin plus a worthwhile

Quota of cut-price loopy juice and

You have the peerless cocktail mix

Defining the addled moron that was

Me in those sophomoric know-all days


Traded academia for two short planks

Unaware my pomegranate thinking machine

Was in constant bombed out overload

And committed the cardinal sin of all sins

Let slip from grasp the very essence of

The beauteous females of my own species

The half-witted young bonehead that I was


Playing back the broadcast of this life

I chuckle at the dislocated ideals of a

Solitary boy squatting within a ramshackle

Desultory refuge thinking no further ahead

Than the next Hendrix riff, the next tab

Of stained glass animated delusions and

Marvel that I neglected the fair damsels so


Thankfully and in the fullness of time the

Gals did not treat me with such witless distain

Nor (God only knows why) overlook this

Now weather-beaten lefty planted in the

Inexorable confessional of candid reminiscence






      1. Well that’s rather fine…thought it might be a fault in the spelling of bread eaten by coeliac suffers which would make me a ‘loaf’! Always wanted to be a loaf mind!

  1. I try not to think back to my youth, it hurts too much to cringe. I had too much fun to regret away my behavior – but god, what a jackass I was, and some will say, still am.

    1. ‘Fun’ – that I think is the thing I overlooked for those few brief moments in time. I should have been having fun yet was beset with political idealism and getting off my head on this and that. Twat I was and am still regularly named that!

    1. I look back and wonder how I ever thought the ideals and ideas of Marx could ever be implemented outside a dictatorship – if only it were the case that they could be. He completely overlooked power lust and corruption. But yes those who refrain from hanging their hat on the hook of choice are the ones that irk. By the way what do you make of this Ted Cruz bloke…saw his address in total support of Israel no matter what they try to get away with and thought that’ll be WW3 if he ever gets in then! Mind you at least you know what you’ll get with him!

      1. The British media seem to be giving him airtime presently yet he (politics aside) looks to be marketing himself in sentences set out to shock or stun and I don’t think that is what America wants or needs. If you go Republican this time do make it an old fashioned one in much the same way as even I have some respect for old fashioned Tories

      1. Sadly? You should be thankful for standing up for what you believe ought to be. No matter how lefty you were. It’s the past and like you said, you’ve weathered the storm and came out wiser!

  2. I’m sure if you could do it again, you wouldn’t change a thing. A very colourful and sentimental walk down memory lane and I love the photograph also

    1. A big question is would I change anything. Hindsight leads me to conclude that I should have been braver and play a better game than I spoke. What of you in this regard?

      1. I suppose this is a question that can lead to days of philosophising and contemplation. I certainly have made many foolish choices and decisions! Unraveling the thread, however, makes me realise that, had I not made them, certain other good consequences that subsequently came about would not have been mine to enjoy. I would have loved to have been able to erase marrying my son’s sperm donor, for instance, but then I would not have been fortunate enough to know my son. It would have been preferable if I did not over-indulge in certain mind-altering substances, but then I would never have met my soul mate (as we met in rehab 🙂 and are both behaving like ‘adults’ now) One thing I would like a redo on is trying to appease society and what others think to be proper! Now I don’t give a flying duck, but I wasted many years trying to fit the mold. Luckily the best years of my life is still ahead of me. as are yours! 😉

      2. Interesting. That I cared about my public persona back in the day was ridiculous. In essence without ‘bad’ one has no appreciation of ‘good’ so I agree. I once wrote of a ‘particle of time’ in which we all exist no matter if we died immediately after birth or lived to 100 we shall always exist within that particle for it cannot be taken away…would be rather fine to travel back one day and perhaps put a wiser head on the young opening bowler who simply tried to chuck the ball at the batsman as quick as he could…maybe would have got more wickets with my current brain!

      3. I agree with your theory on the particle of time. With your current brain you may have not gotten any wickets at all – there is just no way of telling, is there?

      4. Cleaned bowled hat trick 1979 – not tailenders either! Club bowling average over ‘career’ 11.72! Sadly the same as my batting average. I shall try to remember to reblog that ‘particle poem’ some time – it was, I think a tad better than my usual old toot!

      5. Those are remarkable figures! (the bowling figures. i will not try to flatter you about the batting figures because I would not know how 🙂 )

      6. I miss cricket terribly – not just because I’m over the hill yet I couldn’t even play pub cricket because of the fact I knackered my quad muscles in a freak situation some years ago. I can walk uphill at pace but cannot walk downhill at all without Shirley’s hand to hold!

  3. The impulse of young age and the palpitation of old age, or shall i say,–old sage. Your poems may sound confessional but they are somewhat distant, syncopated, and colorful (all positive). I think you’re a genuinely gifted poet; a strong-willed man with great sense of humor. You always transform an experience to a higher experience. Hats off to you, Sir!

  4. I toughly enjoyed your poem. I remember those days of love beads, pot smoking, free love and mindlessness, youth is so lovely to remember but I think I like my old age better. Don’t take any crap anymore and finally I think I know who I am, maybe another illusion, who knows, but thank you for your post and I look forward to reading much more of your work. Namaste


    1. What kind words. Thank you Michelle. ‘Don’t take crap’ resonates with me for I believe I’ve turned into a miserable old git on occasions when things irk. Notwithstanding the fact I gave up the drugs many, many years ago I do believe they assisted me in establishing a world view I never had previously been aware I even wanted! I shall live and die a realistic, compassionate, socialist and I thank those old hippie days for that small gift

  5. I forget how I got here….but you’re a find (no to unnerve you with that loaded remark). Swell to stumble into a room and find a wry writer and thinker. Don’t rue the idea-swaddled youth. I also missed a number of boats while my compatriots were having it on in the parking lots and shadowy public spaces of the day. My Distractor was jesus, with whom I long ago broke up. But I wouldn’t trade it. Ideals are the thing, youthful ideas the Golden Thing. Your verse is bitchin’ and, thankfully, not cloying!

    1. Cheers for that Sir – my conversion from moron to old fool has been stereotypical and those who romance about ‘back in the day’ etc are, in short talking bollocks. It is thus that I agree entirely with what you say…well put indeed!

  6. Love this. Anyone ever said you looked like Frank Zappa? And, see, you’re doing better than he is right about now. Don’t worry about Ted Cruz. He’s not got a snowball’s chance. (And about as much sense, too.)

    1. Thank you Debby Carroll…subsequently ‘The Weasel’s Ate My Flesh’ so I don’t look like good old Frank anymore…prostate cancer I recall? What a jolly fine thing to chat over the ether to someone new – not that my present chums are anything but splendid souls. As to Ted Cruz anything can happen – just look at the right wing twat we’ve just ended up with in the UK! Hope you’re right though. Thanks again, The Old Fool

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