owl arrow

It was an undeniable fact that that

Incessantly irrational young fellow

Cupid had been the worse for drink

The day his bow slipped out of hand

His arrow missing by a country mile

His elected target, namely a budding

Ladies’ man quested on behalf of

A captivating moll seeking a new beau

Instead the golden tip of his barb

Splintered the wing of the wisest of

Wise owls; the most perceptive philosopher

Within his enchanted forest peer group


For he who the Gods on high considered

The ultimate toxophilite, his reputation

Now in tatters worse still was to come

First there was talk among the Parliament

That the solitary logician be euthanized

For his own good as he would never fly again

Yet being old and wise he pointed out to

His compeers that these days he rarely flew

Spent much time in contemplative thought

It was thus that they let the old boy be

After all profound thought is a priceless thing


The Pantheon of Gods granted Cupid’s

Extradition from the safe haven of

The Elysian Fields to stand trial and

Face the judgment of the owl elders

His charge being one of, ‘Unlawful wounding

Inflicting grievous bodily harm’

At his trial the only defence Cupid

Could offer was that by rights the

Wounded one should now be in love

With whomsoever and that regardless

Love conquers all, therefore what harm

A broken wing to a mellowing predator


The prosecution thought otherwise

Made an eloquent case for a custodial sentence

Head honcho owl made it clear that Cupid

Serve out infinity in solitary confinement

With no scope for parole nor be allowed

Bow and arrows in perpetuum thus

Severing his ability to set the plot of love

By way of chicanery in motion ever again

With that the gift of bogus love was lost

To the world henceforth and forevermore

For gifted love is at most a false state of being

And true love can only ever be chanced upon



38 thoughts on “THE JUDGMENT OF THE OWLS

      1. That was the word I was reaching out for ‘exorcism’! F**k knows what they’d have to do to exorcise yours then! Maybe the Pope himself would have half a chance but then again…no wouldn’t work I’m guessing your immune!

      1. well…just saw you rebloggged it. But I am not the only one to comment so other folks got this. WordPress? There is something going on there just now. I have had two days of torture with them. I could even get an image uploaded at one point It just kept saying I was blocked. But now everything is fine.

      2. When replying to a comment I generally hit the ‘like’ on the comment – the other day it wouldn’t let me do it. Not an important thing yet still a pain in the…

    1. They get glitches. I went on google chrome and it let me upload my images. I couldn’t even find the bloody draft post I had saved. There was another time last year where they had a problem re images not showing up and that turned out to be a worldwide issue so, I guess stuff just happens that way.

      1. well, I had trauma I tell you. I’d signed up for that blog hop and I thought..this looks great. I can’t upload a thing and I can’t find the sodding post…. Why can’t these companies just leave things be. Mah brain cannae cope.

  1. We can count ourselves lucky and I believe the punishment fits the crime. The last line of this poem should be captured in various religious manuals and self-help books around the globe

      1. Yes, and I am very glad I did! Thank you for making me aware of Soz Satire and The League of Mental Men. I haven’t had so much fun since I learnt how to swing on tree braches!

  2. Cupid–oh I can tell you some things about cupid…YOU must have been reading my mind….I was going to post something on that very subject on my blog! Great minds think alike!

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