Well this one got lost in the post methinks – doesn’t yet appear on my reader or on Facebook – hence the reblog thing!


owl arrow

It was an undeniable fact that that

Incessantly irrational young fellow

Cupid had been the worse for drink

The day his bow slipped out of hand

His arrow missing by a country mile

His elected target, namely a budding

Ladies’ man quested on behalf of

A captivating moll seeking a new beau

Instead the golden tip of his barb

Splintered the wing of the wisest of

Wise owls; the most perceptive philosopher

Within his enchanted forest peer group

For he who the Gods on high considered

The ultimate toxophilite, his reputation

Now in tatters worse still was to come

First there was talk among the Parliament

That the solitary logician be euthanized

For his own good as he would never fly again

Yet being old and wise he pointed out to

His compeers that these days he rarely flew

Spent much time in contemplative thought

It was thus that they…

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