Alys thought the world against her

Against her from the start

For poor Alys always lost out

On affairs of true loves heart


I met her once, once long ago

Sailing in the Gironde estuary

She filled her blouse ‘till buttons nigh burst

I suggested, “How about you and me


Popping back to your pad

For a drink or two

And later, if you fancy it

We can make love, can I and you”


She replied, “Crumbs, I’ll think about it

Yet I must have your guarantee

That after our quota of fine red wine

You’ll show respect for me


For you have a reputation Sir

That goes before you I am told

And the sort of man I’m looking for

Is one who’ll care for me when I’m old”


“’Old’ you say, young Alys

Afraid that doesn’t do it for me

For even when I’m aged

I’ll still want young gals, wild and free”


That was nearly the end of my interest

In Alys; fine figure of a gal

Yet maybe I’ll just spin a lie

Saying I’ll care for her; what the hell!


Yet once I’ve had my fill of her

And the delicious games we’ll play

I’ll doff my hat; blow her a kiss

And be off upon my way


56 thoughts on “THE FIENDISH CAD!

    1. Meatloaf! See you’re doing it again young Marissa. After days of not being able to write because the missus has been making me do boring things I just the minute wrote a skit where Meatloaf got a mention! And for once I’m telling the truth!

      1. Okay, so I’m picturing Meatloaf like “I bloody must think of line for my new song…two out of three ain’t… a winning lottery card? Enough for a $3 umbrella?” and then it ends with the other chap saying “Well it’s not too bad you know!” And then Meatloaf laughs it off and finale!

    1. Me! A cad! Never heard the like of it. Seriously I have never, not even once been the bloke I wrote about here…well thinking about it…best not go there methinks

  1. “You can want all you want,” my missus tells me, “as long as you stop at wanting.”

    She says that about a lot of things: girls, tractors, old trucks, another dog…. The list is endless.

      1. I rather liked the Scottish lady when all those awful politicians were on TV the other night! First politician from this island I’ve liked since Michael Foot!

    1. That’s twice now that Meatloaf has been mentioned in dispatches which is really odd for I’ve have written one (a hopefully funny one) where I mention the old boy…an omen?

      1. That’s a bit of a blow to my self esteem then…what with me piling on the calories the whole of last week trying to get to 30 stone…nearly there now!

      1. Imagine if you will, one that took his unfair advantage of not only a lady’s favors but her ability to function in life, to support herself and her family and her ability to love and trust and sapped it dry for ten years before leaving her for a woman half her age.

      2. Then the man is a ‘cad’ in the most serious sense of the word – quite appalling. Many years ago my first wife and I split up. There were three young children. The reason we split was because we couldn’t get along – nothing else. Whilst I cannot claim to be a paragon of virtue I saw that she was in no position at the time to get worthwhile employment and I was. I paid her – quite rightly – support at levels far beyond the norm and pad off the mortgage on the family home which I then gave her in its entirety. How any bloke could do otherwise I will never comprehend. Sadly though many males – too many – are complete and utter bastards ruled by their desire for sex..nothing more; nothing less and it shames my kind to have to say so. I do trust all is better now as it is for me as eventually I found the love of my life in my Shirley – we’ve been together 25 fantastic years now.

      3. This was an ex husband I was with for ten years. Lost everything thanks to him. Been on my own for 5 years trying to regain my feet with the help of family. Still gonna take some time.

      4. Oh, I’m okay. My head is fine. Just this economy in this area sucks. Learned a lot and finally know what I want. Just don’t know if it exists at my age and in my area.

      5. Ah employment – the curse of the 2008 crash lives on just about everywhere I think. I have a son with a first class music degree who cannot even get a reply to job applications – even for rubbish jobs!

      6. Well I have a job but it doesn’t pay a true living wage. And certainly isn’t sufficient to both support myself AND pay for the student loans it took to get here.

      7. It is a savage state of affairs I agree. Your comment resembles those of my son…indeed one recruitment agency told him to take his degree off his CV as it would help him get a job…needless to say that depressed him more than a little. As an old socialist I would love to see a good old lefty politician get back a bit a State ownership of utilities and transport and such like and create worthwhile jobs rather than wasting billions on pointless wars. I generally get into rant mode at this stage yet ’tis no good for my blood pressure and unfair on anyone listening or reading said rant! Regardless I wish you all the luck there is out there.

  2. Hi,
    I see you with your camera in your picture. I have a post coming up on photography. I know some people here. Thank you for your visit to my site on Saturday. I’m glad you liked my post “How to Get Loyal Visitors to…”. I’m sorry I couldn’t come thank you sooner.

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