That he walked with the

Gait of a syphilitic sovereign

Was forgivable, a venerable

Enchanter is allowed his indiscretions


‘Evergreen’ she who had been touched

By the sceptre of Dark Ages fate

Never aged beyond a brace of decades

‘Peter Pan eat your heart out’ yet

Sated of being insensible in body

Adrift in time’s own belted ghetto with

Too many choices, insufficient preferences

The heartache of the suffering of the generations

Her soul withered under life’s onerous intimidations

The burden of each new persona trumping its antecedent


The handicaps of everlasting life

Now eclipsed its benediction

Moreover to cope with true love found

True lovers aging, true love dead

Had bruised her once too often


Idle flings had hitherto alleviated times humdrum passage

Such indiscreet gratification had ushered in an epoch

Of carnal gorging upon inconsequential strapping youths

Noblemen and wealthy aged benefactors alike as the fancy took


“Conjure me my death

And I will trade you a future

Give me the key to the void

And I will pen you not a legend

But a history of all things

Do those few small things

And you will know of all there has been

Grant me a flake of mortality

And I will trade you a ‘backward glance’ infinity

Afford me my very own end of times

And I shall restore you your salad days for eternity”


The gifted yet decrepit enchanter

Disinclined to haggle

Merely stroked his beard

Nodded a silent consent to the accord

A vaporous contract of sale agreed


True to the bargain, with gifts

Granted and pledges fulfilled

She decomposed before his very eyes

A sparkling, golden dust toe to head

She crumbled thus and was no more


A fresh faced young man reborn

Endowed with the wisdom of experience

Headed onward and upward

Toward pastures new, a tear in his eye

Hope in his heart, clutching at a dream

Long ago abandoned


29 thoughts on “CONJURE ME MY DEATH

      1. I bet you think it’s particularly sexy when she removes her dentures for the tequila shots. I know it was quite upsetting when they slid down her throat last time!

  1. Fantastic! Made me wonder what I would do if I was ‘cursed’ with immortality. I know I would never take up knitting to kill the boredom, that is certain

  2. Wow………. What i can say, No words,
    Experience of life, in fully matured manner, reflects in your words, great!
    Will always be updated to you……..

  3. Marvelous~! I see you’re still on fire again this week!. I love the carnal imagery. ❤ Of course I believe the syphilis you referenced explains a lot… Didn't that used to cause people to go mad?

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