WordPress must be trying to tell me something! Posted this last evening yet it doesn’t appear in my ‘reader’ or that of some others I’ve checked with…it is thus I shall do the dreaded ‘reblog’!



Ding-a-ling…ding-a-ling…knock knock…knock knock

“Ah Miss Wrexia here for your 11AM appointment? Jolly good to see you once more. May I call you Anna?”

“Of course you may.”

“Then Anna it is…I do think keeping things informal helps with any treatment program. Now tell me how you have been getting along since our first session although I must say that you still look a tad undernourished to the extent I would observe – and if you don’t mind me saying so – I’ve seen more meat on a butcher’s pencil than you carry about you.”

“Well I think I feel a whole lot better about myself…I mean previously I’ve tried just about everything to get over this eating disorder of mine yet none of it, even the medications and therapies have worked at all. I am just so very pleased to have found a hypnotist such as you as I really…

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      1. Wow that sound like something out of Startrek! ‘The Periodic Glitch’…I could do something with that…maybe White Van man could get caught up in it

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