As ever this has missed a number of readers – I’ve checked a few and once again it is not there! Are WP trying rid themselves I wonder?


lama girl 12042015

In his later years he would tell whosoever cared to listen that the reason he came to settle upon this scabrous wrecking cape, the one that prods the North Atlantic to little avail was to seek his fortune out of kaolin and tin.Β  That that, long since, had not been the whole truth was lost to him in the befuddlement of old age.

These timeworn days of equivocal reminders pinned upon life’s groaning egress for safe keeping determined this one time logician now muddled desires with possibilities, fictions with exploits, pretty uniformed girls as something more than just his attentive carers.

That was until the day his new young maidservant took the view that the taking in of fresh sea air would do the old boy a power of good, after all he had barely left the confines of his study for an age and following weeks on end of…

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    1. I think it is the new way they make me post things – never had a problem with the old way…even when setting up a poem and saving the draft all the verses merge and I find it hellish difficult to reorganize it! Why can’t things be easy!

      1. Thank you for that – I did look at it previously except then I still had my trusty, slow but getting on a bit laptop and had no issues posting. Of course now I have my flash fast new desktop the problems have arisen. I think I need my son to do the redirection though as reading what the chap said was all a bit of a blur to an idiot like me. Thank you again Sue – much appreciated!

      2. I am dyslexic when it comes to computer things or practical things for that matter…can’t even put a key in a door without having to think which way to turn it…my son is cleverer than I so when he and his mother finish the tedious decorating they are doing (I can’t do that either) he can have a stab at it for me!

      3. Mike, you’re hopeless… I should cultivate that attitude too πŸ™‚ As it is I get lumbered with doing all sorts of stuff I’d probably rather not… πŸ˜‰

      4. Truly I am not putting on this hopelessness of mine with regard to all things practical…to the extent that I shop and cook (oddly I’m quite good at that) while Shirley does men’s things like building and decorating!

    1. In truth I am beginning to dread posting stuff…this old brain cannot cope! Today I shall become a llama and enter a world where I can neither read or write and have a jolly good spit at Nigel Farage the irksome swine

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