fervent executioners assuming

a divine power of attorney

the beguiling promise of host of

‘Ready and up for it’ celestial virgins

sufficient enough consideration for

both scapegoats and saintly ones to

sign on the dotted line and unleash

havoc upon this widower planet deemed

to be the bull-headed focal point of

equivocal provenance reigning over the

erectile dysfunction of a wide blue yonder

yet all the time discounting that within this

ruminating species we belong to compassion

is cardinal and taking it upon themselves in lieu

of getting their leg across bounteous apparitions

an absolute supremacy that was never a codicil

cast in legendary revered stone tablet now or then

is pitiable to the extent that that our time here is

by our own scandalous gluttony running out is

perversely the most glorious thing



    1. Sometimes my blood pressure goes up when I think about those who use their religion in order to play the god of their choice/heritage and commit evil acts as if any such things can be justified…thought I’d have a stab at putting that thought to my pen

    1. Now I know I don’t exist – according to the events that followed your own post today – and that I am a mere figment of your imagination you’ll have to answer that for me young Marissa!

  1. Hear! Hear! And I totally agree on the point of “perversely the most glorious thing” You have captured every one of my hates, frustrations and my total befuddlement in this single masterpiece!

    1. Cheers young Daleen…I of course am not young, indeed very old indeed and nursing a post birthday dinner hangover that churns my innards and pounds at my skull…don’t feel well if the truth be told

      1. Well I am late and I so hate to be late! but may I belatedly wish you all the best for the year ahead, may it be the worst you’ll have and the best you’ve had!

  2. Mike, sorry not to read or comment but fecking wordpress changed my settings so I was not getting any notifications and we were out all day anyway yesterday. Will get to your other posts later today. A wonderful poem as always x

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