The egotistical politician

On the payroll of the condemned

Chews the fat with war heroes

And life’s victims on the mend


Imprisoned yet not in prison

The proletariat they sit and wait

For flawed Karl’s reincarnation

Which will seal the bourgeoisies’ fate


Hapless victims in the desert

So tortuously displayed

By a generation moulded of shame

On a crusade to degrade


Punk’s Godfather plays the riff of pain

Composed when sleeping rough

Scroll forward forty years or more

He’d still not had enough


To tear him from the shackles

Of the needle and the line

He never traded his art for fare

When up there on cloud nine


The bitter downfall of the Shepherd

Best keep secret, best left untold

The mythical trumps the actual

For now put the truth on hold


Little Sparrow she would chirp to me

On the Boulevard Voltaire

She sang a song of affirmation

As a message not a prayer


Life had always fazed her

She took nothing in her stride

She claimed to have no regrets

Yet from front page news she’d hide


And every time First Lady Ella sang

That fateful last goodbye

I guessed she must be in the know

That love’s bond does not untie


Yet nothing else ever mattered

The Mighty Het proclaimed

To anyone who’d listen

With an open mind unrestrained


Little concerns the Ladies Man

Not going home nor aberrations

For in the blackness of the void

They take arrivals, not embarkations




  1. There is a specific verse that hits rather close to home and you wrote it so beautifully “To tear him from the shackles, Of the needle and the line
    He never traded his art for fare, When up there on cloud nine” Magnificent!

      1. Does he realise he might have just prevented his proverbial ship from coming in? There’s a fortune buried within those lines!

  2. BEAUTIFULLY written! The politicians and how they use the veterans really made me think.. I am a vet. also and I think about those poor guys from WWII and what they did for us. Fast forward to my war in Desert Storm, I saw PTSD galore as a ICU nurse. Just makes you think..Thanks for the piece Mike.

      1. Thank you too MIke. I try to read when I can …IT is hard to keep up with everyone’s blogs so I follow along the ones that take the time to drop by mine. I find it a very nice way to get to know someone and their world.

      2. Agreed – I resort to skim reading on occasions but always feel guilty. I allow an hour a day to reading, a little more on the couple of days I don’t post so I just about get there in the end. Have a splendid evening…or whatever the time of day is where you are!

  3. Captivating, flows really well and must say the photo/painting at the start with man’s head floating seemingly devoid of a body did get me curious too – a great match with text

    1. Thank you for that – I must say seeing your comment has reminded me that our young Croatian friend is visiting this afternoon and I shall show her your blog as she’s feeling a little homesick!

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