Lost in a foetus dream first remembered then forfeited

as a still born into the abyss of erased forget me nots

As is his want he ambles toward his hideaway of volition
cursing his checkmate disposition, yet unable to configure ‘How so?’

By and by over an expresso too many and nicotine too little
a garish tabloid headline triggers the homecoming of rationale

‘You hate America’s brash materialism
The bumptious pomposity of the British
And your perceived view of loose morals
Within those realms counted as Western
You fashion words, enact the foulest deeds
Ride on the back of a God you name as the
Same one your brothers and sisters in their
Droves know not at all; have never known

As wayward loose iron filings to a magnet
Your pubescent numbers inexplicably swell
Your target innocents suffer rape, mutilation
Abominable death you justify as token punishment
Thus furthering a cause beyond all perspicacity
Granting as your own the blessing of echoing your God
You make sons and daughters suffer so for the
Crimes you determine their ancestors committed
The idiocy of playing both judge and jury lost on you
The feral ones tangled in the faraway maze of blind faith ’

With meagre thoughts thought it is only then this thankful misanthrope
is able to think how fortunate he is that no God claims him and that he
will never lie down upon the piss stained mattress of the compassionless



  1. What is the world coming to? Luckily we are in places where we still have free will (somewhat). Some places it’s ‘follow me’ otherwise I’ll confiscate your lands, rape your children and raid your sanctuaries.

      1. Not sure…currently it is a conflict of, and sometimes within the same religion. The trigger is, for these confused (not that they would agree with me on that nor anything else) young men and woman a desire for total, absolute supremacy for their view over all others.

    1. Cheers – that’s my rant over for the week…best start a skit thing for next week as it is already nearly Friday evening and a glass of red will beckon shortly

  2. After this brilliant expression of what cannot be denied as the absolute truth, I would vote you into the role of world leader, had we but a say in who should lead us! If this could fit onto a t-shirt, I would wear it

    1. Cheers – sometimes the state of affairs ruins my morning coffee! Why oh why when the bulk of humanity whatever their faith or (as in my case lack of it) are decent folk should such unadulterated evil be the order of the day.

      1. Sorry to ruin your morning coffee a tad more, but the bulk of humanity are not decent folk, that is why these things happen and are not stopped. Decent folk will not just shake there heads and disagree, they will take action, but because there are so few decent folk, they are quickly suppressed. Summation? Humanity is a piss stain on earth’s mattress

      2. Hard to argue with that save that the good seem to hide away and the bastards are always in one’s face…or worse. I know words change sweet Fanny Adams but even within the confines of a blog of minuscule importance it’s worth getting off ones chest…maybe

  3. How long can the misanthrope survive without “a God” or is “his” God the true God: the one that exposes the sins for the sake of the truth – the strongest fiber perhaps that makes or breaks humanity? Well written and, yes, one that seeks the absolute truth is often made to appear like a misanthrope, when in fact his vision of humanity is that which has been lost

    1. Thank you. A fine analysis of pertinent observation from the perspective of philosophy and ethics…a thing lacking in the fundamentalists throughout history…not just present times. As for me I am but an old fool who shares the same moral values as most believers do. The only difference is my non confrontational atheism.

      1. I always tend to think atheists do believe in something, just not in “imposed” gods etc – they tend to believe in their own convictions and if those are for the ultimate good of mankind there’s no difference in that sense between an atheist and a believer in God when it comes to humanity. All beliefs are “man”-made or “man”- regulated…sharing moral values is the ultimate of civilisation as long, of course, as those moral values build rather than destroy humanity. Cheers


    Mike, he is my reader
    Mike, not man but a leader
    a breeder and feeder.

    Feed me Mike
    Buns I chew for you
    cream cake
    over my face
    tribute to my Mike
    to Mike,leader
    of the human race
    Mike, a reader with taste

    1. Fucking Ada…do you not realize The Arsenal, my beloved Arsenal in the semi-finals this very afternoon and part of my pre match ritual is kneel with head bowed toward the old Highbury Stadium in contemplation of many things…all that said your blogging activities are a worthy read containing always – even amid surreal situations – tinged with a complex defeat of the individual. As I mentioned while ago if you ever wanted to chuck a few posts in the direction of The League of Mental Men do let me know

      1. I know what you mean… I don’t usually like my own angry writing either. This past week, I was bit by the black dog that was in the midst of being bitten by another black dog! Yikes! 😦

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