Had she not had the misfortune

to be on the shop till that morning

then it would not have been her who

sold the slick outsider the alarm clock


If so she would never

have been the one henceforward vilified

from the beginning to the end of time,

never have taken the abiding blame for the

perceived curse of imperfections and lechery

of the beef cake multitudes in the eyes of their own,

never have set the scene for womankind’s exclusion

from any and all hierarchies, never have been condemned

as purveyor of the black arts, such was her fate, deemed guilty thus


Until the stranger came to town and in the days when

lightning bolts and earthquakes strummed the chords of fear and wonder in equal measure,

the days when the story book zephyr sparked ingenious chicanery,

the days when there was no perceived requirement for philosophers and sages alike,

little mattered save for sex when the fancy took, gratifying food and a warm bed for the night.

An idle too good to last


A determined stranger of Machiavellian quest yet prone to oversleep is at best left neglected
It mattered not as this one determined to acquire a time piece ensuring alertness for a reprised day zero when he would groom the huddled masses and bring about the perennial epoch of potent ascendency


That it was to him the brittle Eve sold the wretched clock, a stroke of ageless catholic calamity


Long since and from her skylight view into the bustling macrocosm she, the bare shadow of mythos despaired


26 thoughts on “OF A GIRL NAMED EVE

    1. I write in defense of you gals getting a raw deal for tempting Adam no less…still with the fortune you are soon due will you care? I still got to think up the follow-up Perky tale though…best take my lunacy pills

    1. It irks me though that the theological view of woman being the second class citizen throughout history was born of the Eve myth where she tempted the male and has suffered the blame for that ever since – you see that’s what an old left wing type such as I thinks…equality for one and all…but yes she has to earn a living!

  1. Well, what goes on in your head is pretty damn brilliant. These last lines are amazing. Sorry not to comment sooner, just been busy all day and I like to read your posts properly x

    1. Thanks for that! Aside from your most accurate comments regarding heating an old house (our central heating is still on all day!) were you ever thwarted in your efforts to get the place together by the unforeseen? Replacing waste pipes; crap wiring; plumbing issues etc. And now as I turn up in the kitchen – a very nice kitchen on the face of it – an ‘ant’ attack of monumental proportions…I hate killing things even ants yet have to admit to a genocide today…bollocks!

  2. Absolutely Mike. I always laughed when workmen would come in and go .’ This will take half an hour.’ About a year before we left, two table lights started what I would call communicating with each other. Anyway, there was a door between them so obvi they didn’t run of the same wire. Anyway they conks eventually and I gets this electrician who would soon sort that. Many hours later he was still hopeful. The floorboards in the hall, the back sitting room and the kitchen were all up. Eventually after five hours he found that the connecting socket or whatever was under the kitchen floorboards and it had melted. Only two wires ran from it and yes it was these two wires. Speak to me or him not of old houses…as for ants, yes you must deal with them, you must deal with everything that way. Also watch out for wasps and bluebottle nests under your roof slates. You could potentially have a scene straight out of the Amityville horror when you open a velux or other window otherwise. I just think people did things piecemeal in old houses and unless you have bought one from a builder who has hauled it to bits then it’s a fact of life.

    1. Well that’s me even more depressed then. In fairness this is lovely old house we (i.e. Shirley) will have looking the business one day – if we don’t run out of money that is. The neighbours tell me it was once a guest house which accounts for the vast numbers of loo’s and showers dotted about and at least my wife has the garden she wanted. I remember many year ago in an old Victorian house I was changing my daughters nappy in the small hours in autumn time when the wasps attacked – thousands of them attracted to the light. I had to take the stings for little Ellie, grab a torch and having them follow the light into the garden. Hellish it was!

      1. Brave man. Expected no less!
        Seriously, all that really matters is you have what you want. I’ve been very lucky in terms of houses that way. Old houses are gorgeous. You will get there and when you do have it looking the biz, then all this will be worth it. We now have a very neglected Edwardian and yeah it’s nice seeing it come back to life

      2. ‘No ants today, the ants have gone away’! Wasn’t that an old song? Whatever you are correct it will look the biz one day. Today though she is having an afternoon kip pre the next round of wallpapering while I think I’ve got my son to agree to starting a WP blog as part of the networking he will have to do to have any chance of success with his multi-faceted music business he will be starting shortly so if you spot a blog named ZOOLON that’ll be my lad! Have a splendid day…I have been told I have to help him with his ‘cash flow’ forecast…should be fun…not! We will have a row for I feel it in the air!

  3. Absolutely splendid! What a wonderfully intelligent observation of the mythological blame game. This post had my toes curling from pure enjoyment. Are you sure you were not a woman in your previous existence, or are you just admirably in touch with your feminine side? This made me wish there was more of it to savour

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