wings dyed white


The one who might

Have been Don

Dressed in rags

Now picks oranges

For a living

Under a subtropical sun



The place

He came from

A place where

He says

Power negates destiny

Money lust

Nullifies the purity

Of clemency

A place where

Even the angels

Tote guns

Stashed under

Wings dyed white



Oceans away

His past

Nothing more

Than an irritating



When asked why

He left

The answer was

Always the same

‘It is no longer

the land it once was’


This is based upon a conversation I had with an aging Italian American who from his manners, courtesy and general bearing was once well-heeled. I shared a table with him outside of a street café in Toulouse a few years back.  He was taking a short break in France at the time yet was now domiciled in Southern Italy. A pleasant enough bloke yet one who I detected it would be foolish to cross swords with! The reasons stated here in respect of his permanent departure from the States are, I stress his words not mine.  


30 thoughts on “WINGS DYED WHITE

      1. Oh yeah, perhaps he was best friends with The Most Interesting Man In The World. Do you know who that is? Or is that another one of those things specific to American culture?

      2. ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’! I would surmise he’s not a Brit…on the whole we are not interesting (apart from our mass murderer’s of course)…nope you’ll have to tell me because obviously I now have to know!

      3. No, I believe he’s Mexican or some kind of Latin origin. It’s for the Dos Equis beer commercial and it’s supposed to be all about how bad ass he is. I always wanted to write something like that for myself but it never comes out quite right.

  1. Even the angels

    Tote guns

    This reminds me of a recording I once heard of Sicilian folk songs. It was as beautiful and soulful as the blues. I couldn’t get enough of it – until I heard the translation. OMG!! It was like hearing Pavarotti sing, “I’m going to rip out your eyes and stuff them up your ass.”

    1. So long as it wasn’t the other way around…I suspect to stuff his eyes up is arse one would have to cover his nethers in talc and ask him to fart to give one a clue!

    1. I like meeting people in cafes…so much better than days of yore when it used to be pubs. There is always a tale to tell or to listen to! Indeed this very evening we are off to a cafe/restaurant to celebrate the birthday of our new Croatian friend a lovely young lady by the name of Natalija

      1. That sounds so quaint. The atmosphere here doesn’t support such cafes… maybe more in places like NYC. I have a feeling once I visit there, I may never want to leave! Have fun with your celebration! 🙂

      2. A splendid evening in the company of those much younger than me. I think Shirl posted a snap on FB of a box of sweets…a delicacy in Croatia and going by the name of Noblice…it amused me!

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