Chandeliers and high ceilings
A fine backdrop for the ball
Where angel’s pimped up cleavages
Inflame both the wise and the hopeless fool

The white noise that is idle chat
Bitchy and political
Defies the walls to listen in
To the podgy hypocritical

‘I say this, he said that,
Surely that can’t be right
You said what! I don’t believe it
Step outside right now we’ll fight’

When I kissed my favourite lesbian
She just smiled, made for the door
Captured the moment in monochrome
Then stole the heart of a streetwise whore

The day they hand my carcass over
I know you’ll do this one thing for me
Bury me under your wild primroses
Talk at me over afternoon tea

Sheltered amongst the carnal vestiges
Let me uncover equanimity at last
No more blindfolds or silver bullets
In these days of spurious future past

By the way should you discover the whole truth
Take heed of what the narcissist cleric might say
‘The blood of fascists stained his hands
He wouldn’t have it any other way’

The goose step of this goodnight mind
Unveils the turmoil of the yard bird’s maze
Yet under the chill of satin sheets
Let us one last time set the heavens ablaze



      1. Yes. I can see the Hemingway influence in it. He’s one of my favorite writers. Read “A Moveable Feast” if you haven’t. It’s his look back at his years in Paris written, I believe, not too long before his suicide. Don’t know how accurate his memories were when he wrote it, but it is a lovely read.

  1. gorgeous words, Mike… I always enjoy your rhymes… they are never forced, but flow elegantly down the page.

      1. You’re welcome, Mike… I am sure your family loves hearing what others say about your work… you deserve praise 🙂

      2. I’ll make my singer/songwriter son jealous for he has the dreaded lyricists block presently…it has afflicted him for weeks now! I can be cruel that way!

      3. *laughs* the poor kid! Those blocks are horrible… no matter which art they block.. I am sure he knows it’s all in jest when you chide him about it 😉

      4. He does know it’s in jest yet he’s about to start his own business and needs new songs for his website etc. Has the melodies not the lyrics…I’ve offered him a few of mine that might work yet he rejects them out of hand…the cheek! Have a good day…’tis pouring here and I’ve just spotted a leak in the conservatory roof…should be fun for a one like me who is challenged on the DIY front!

  2. Yes, of course I promise to bury you under the primroses. You don’t mind that Ed is already buried there. That’s my dog of course…and oh yeah, the goldfish…

    1. ‘Scrumptious’ there’s a word I haven’t heard in a very long time…it’s up there with ‘glimpse’ as one of my favourites! Thanks and have a better day north of the wall than we are here what with it raining, misty and boring, more so at the council tip where she sent me to dump stuff off in the company of ruffians no less! Mind they keep a buzzard at the tip to – so I was told – in order to keep the gulls away…fascinating to the extent I nearly forgot the empty the car of rubbish!

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