Yet again my post post is seen on some Readers…not on others. I have concluded, having checked with half a dozen chums who haven’t – like me plus my family – seen this old toot someone at WP doesn’t like me…fair play I suppose!



They promise you the top brick off the chimney pot

Say they’ll make it Christmas everyday

Yet when those with power lust gain actual power

They swiftly snatch those promises away

Discard them like ‘day after’ confetti

Left to turn into a brown mush in the rain

And yet scroll forward just a few years

And those blue sky promises are offered up again

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11 thoughts on “BLUE SKY PROMISES

    1. So very annoying…I blog for fun…a hobby if you like and the hassle I’ve had lately is amazing. For the whole of last week upon opening up blogs I follow for two out of every three I opened I was getting a drop down box thing saying ‘Woman Hater’ – the very last thing I am. My son ascertained it wasn’t a virus as such as it only related to WP. Thankfully it has not happened thus far this week! Just hope you don’t get a ‘Man Hater’ equivalent! Oh the joys of blogging!

      1. That’s ridiculous!! How can they even allow this. Certainly sounds like WP was hacked, and is not telling us. Shame on them. without us they are nothing. They need to be reminded of that. I hope your WP troubles pass quickly!!!

      2. Cheers – seems OK reading the blogs I follow this day…I rarely post on a Friday so will learn if that side of WP works when I do. I must admit the ‘Woman Hater’ message did rather worry me..still does to a certain extent as I’ve spoken to other bloggers who have not been afflicted thus…why me!

    1. Don’t even go there…so very, very bad. To the extent that I went out this very morning and booked my wife and I a break in France in just a few weeks time to escape this wretched island!

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