They promise you the top brick off the chimney pot

Say they’ll make it Christmas everyday

Yet when those with power lust gain actual power

They swiftly snatch those promises away

Discard them like ‘day after’ confetti

Left to turn into a brown mush in the rain

And yet scroll forward just a few years

And those blue sky promises are offered up again


34 thoughts on “BLUE SKY PROMISES

      1. Well, Mike, let’s look at this really and logically. Yes it’s eating, but it’s two different foods so really whatever you’re producing…oh never mind, just threw up in my mouth a little.

      2. My sincere apologies young Marissa I was in disgusting mode earlier – it is election day after all. The far right wing UKIP chap stopped in the street earlier today and I told him he was full of shit so I guess it sowed a seed of thought…felt like lamping him mind!

    1. Sadly it is Sir…when will we see the passionate true politicians again. Be they on the right or left of politics I’ll always respect passion…although having said that plainly Hitler was a tad too right winged for my taste!

  1. Reblogged this on mikesteeden and commented:

    Yet again my post post is seen on some Readers…not on others. I have concluded, having checked with half a dozen chums who haven’t – like me plus my family – seen this old toot someone at WP doesn’t like me…fair play I suppose!

  2. Your poem captures the over-inflated promise, rightly so. It certainly isn’t perfect but it is the only system that can change from regime to regime without revolution and violence. Cheers

      1. Maybe the same one’s who worry about the NHS, Education plus ethics and moral values…I shall ‘toast’ the insanity of the British public this evening I think…sulks off in a mood that may not improve for a few days! Best of luck Sir

    1. I have booked a break across the Channel to escape this wretched country of ours…I do trust your lot express disapproval when the Tories endeavour to pull us out of the EU! I think your military will agree with me on this!

      1. I agree…sadly around 50% of the British public disagree with my view and the Tories have promised a referendum! An isolated little island will be of little use to NATO aside from an endless list of other difficulties such as trading partners.

  3. When I spent time in the UK in the late 70’s, you had this lovely tradition of throwing vegetables at politicians. I tried it myself but was instructed by the constabulary that it was customary to remove the vegetable from the can before launching it.

    1. Well if I were Master of the Universe aside from turning Cameron into a rat I would turn Olga back into beautiful princess (you see I understand Olga was the victim of a spell cast by a wicked earwig that turned her into a hamster) and make her mine all mine! The election result has left me down in the dumps so I’m taking myself off to France in a couple of weeks to get away from the wretched thick twats who voted based on ‘looks’ not ‘words’!

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