Not so subtle sighs and closet innuendos

Eyes skyward and the slowmo shaking of her head

Mumbled words just loud enough for him to pick up on

And her backward glance that spells, ‘I wish you dead’


He knew he hadn’t been with a fast woman

He knew he hadn’t been the worse for drink

He asked, “Is there anything wrong luv?”

She answered coldly, “What do you think?”


Raw silence save for the squeak of well-worn canvas

He’s waiting for the whole answer, needs to know

Just what the hell has happened to them

That’s when she hits him with a fatal body blow


No need for body shots or rip-roaring uppercuts

She simply decked him with her acerbic tongue

His towel thrown in and out for the count now

Around her waist the champion’s belt she’s hung


At first bell, before his early knockdown

With sublime skill she had him on the ropes

And just like the The Greatest one before her

She knew just how to ‘rope a dope’


‘I know what you are’ she jabbed his way with venom

As her trademark temple shot it sunk in

His pansy counter punch was way off target

He had no choice, he had to take it on the chin


Those words she said they hit him smack below the belt

At this her corner man he both nodded and he grinned

Nothing worse than being on the end of a sucker punch

As the arena lights around him slowly dimmed


She’d read him well; knew all of his weaknesses

Knew of his tendency to drop his guard and his glass jaw

That his counterpunch lacked any real power

Especially so when fighting a consummate southpaw


Before the fight she’d told anyone who would listen

That they were always a mismatch from the start

And just before the moment that he saw stars

The biased referee pulled them both apart


That real love has never sought out neutral corners

He found out much too late and to his cost

As she walked away with all the plaudits and the bouquets

She left him to come to terms will what he’d lost





    1. Thanks for that. When I used to post it appeared instantly yet now spasmodically…takes all the fun out of having to check what’s going on every single time I post!

      1. I tried hitting him the head with my handy club hammer yet he didn’t even flinch…still today I got to go to not just one but two DIY stores (both with an express checkout that confused me more than a little) as well as the council tip…the buzzard there to warn off the seagulls has no become a close friend…could watch him for hours yet Shirley told me to snap out of it!

    1. Cheers for that…whilst not plagiarism in any shape or form on reflection I think Billy Bragg’s song ‘Little Time Bomb’ although using no boxing analogies may have had a small part to play when penning this one. I tend to over listen to his work sometimes.

    1. Simply a life observation – you gals win more arguments than you lose I reckon, plus Shirl packs one hell of a punch. Thankfully I’ve not pissed her off of late though…I am truly grateful you took so much time out to read these…you needn’t off because you are so busy up to your neck in muck and bullets so you will understand it when I say ‘thank you’ young Rachel!

      1. Are you kidding? How could I NOT read them? When I blog, I save yours for last because like dessert, I like yours best. ❤ So if it seems like I'm ignoring you, I'm not…I'm SAVORING you. Hug Shirl for me. 🙂

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