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tiffany 3

Foreign Office, London; June 1941: Tiffany once a secretary to senior officials at the Foreign Office in London but now seconded as an undercover agent whose brief it was to undertake covert operations in German occupied Northern France has succeeded in her quest to disable a significant number enemy aircraft. With the current field operations complete it is now that she must make her escape before the Gestapo get their hands on her.

“I say Carruthers there seems to be a bird with a little canister on its back sat on the balcony.”

“Really…who on earth would be so cruel as to affix a canister on a bird’s back…beggars belief really. Let’s take a peek shall we?”

“Crumbs Carruthers it’s a pigeon…you know I’m sure I’ve heard somewhere about messenger pigeons do you think it maybe one of those?”

“Possibly…look I’ll grab the canister and see what’s inside…ah there…

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    1. Sorry to take so very long to get back to you Annabelle. Flattered as I genuinely am I am a blogger who does not wish to be taken seriously and regardless I write and post my old toot when out there there are so many trying to sell a book they have worked for an age to get to print who are far more deserving than me. Please don’t think I don’t respect your nomination though…I really do.It’s just that an award to me makes it feel a bit to serious! Thanks again for thinking of me…best of luck

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