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Foreign Office, London; June 1941: Tiffany once a secretary to senior officials at the Foreign Office in London but now seconded as an undercover agent whose brief it was to undertake covert operations in German occupied Northern France has succeeded in her quest to disable a significant number enemy aircraft. With the current field operations complete it is now that she must make her escape before the Gestapo get their hands on her.

“I say Carruthers there seems to be a bird with a little canister on its back sat on the balcony.”

“Really…who on earth would be so cruel as to affix a canister on a bird’s back…beggars belief really. Let’s take a peek shall we?”

“Crumbs Carruthers it’s a pigeon…you know I’m sure I’ve heard somewhere about messenger pigeons do you think it maybe one of those?”

“Possibly…look I’ll grab the canister and see what’s inside…ah there is letter within…I am without my reading specs so you’ll have to fill me in as to what it says.”

“Oh it’s a missive from young Tiffany and she is saying….”

“Sorry to interrupt but I left my ear trumpet in the cab from Waterloo this morning so you’ll have to speak up.”


Dear Chaps,

Just a note to let you know I am safe and sound in Vichy France and should be back in Blighty as soon as our old friend Twattersley Fromage OBE turns up in that trusty Lysander of his.

With the operation a complete success I did try to make it home from Calais across The English Channel yet there were so many German Fokkers about the place I thought it prudent to head south. I took the Marseille train from the Gare de Lyon and very nearly got found out by one of the guards who doubted the authenticity of my papers but I quickly palmed him off and he was good as gold after that.

I left Francois behind in St Omer as he insists on staying with the Resistance movement although he was chuffed to bits that I gave him the Morse code thingamajig. He is constantly practising strokes on this tool of his late into the night with curtains drawn and in darkness so no one can see what he’s doing. I am so worried that he might wear it out or even go blind if he carries on like this.

Even though Vichy France has a degree of French autonomy and territorial integrity one must till take prudent precautions as to what ones says publicly as there are some who collaborate with the Hun. Luckily for me I am under the protection of the Resistance movement. Their leader, a solitary sort called Jerome is certainly a man who knows how to hold his own alright! During a mass debate with his comrades the other evening he even managed to hold his own for hours after the others around him had finished off!

He has me billeted in a safe house on the edge of town. The family caring for me are of aristocrat decent who have plainly known better times. Still they are rather posh and a little distant I find. There are seven adult sons in the household. The boys albeit reluctantly allowed me to rummage through their drawers the other night and told me I could grab anything that took my fancy and I must say in all truth that I’ve never seen such enormous snobs in all my life!

I really don’t know how I’ve managed being so dry and parched here. Being warm and wet in England once more is a thing I’m really looking forward to so you can imagine just how thrilled I shall be when Twattersley finally comes for me!

Anyway chaps, all is well and I shall report for my thorough debriefing sometime early next week.

Yours sincerely,


Well Carruthers what do you make of that?”

“Good news methinks…it’ll be good to have her back in our safe hands. Anyway shall I debrief Tiffs or should we make a threesome of it?”

“I’ll leave it to you Carruthers although I may sit in and watch…you know I may pick up a few pointers from studying your technique.”

“Well that’s fine by me…anyhow I think it’s time to adjourn to Harry’s Bar. I feel the need about me to get my hands around a couple of the barmaid’s large ones…are you up for that?”

“Has Hitler the one ball!”

AND WITH THAT FINALE THE WW2 EXPLOITS OF TIFFANY ENDS – for the previous episodes see the links below;



  1. I read these the other day as well as many other of your posts, but I was unavailable to comment. I can’t believe that the one month I couldn’t be here to blog, you had such a magnitude of inspiration on my man, Carruthers! YAY! I’m so glad he’s back.

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