Before the earthquake
he was engrossed
calculating as best
he could the craters
of the moon through
the lens of a not new
telescope, a pawn shop
purchase made on the
Caledonian Road

He wished he had
tuned into any other
radio station than the
dispassionate BBC
World Service that
night of crystal clear
skies and sharpened
frosted flagstone

He took with him
petrified crippled
mountains, mangled
flesh and set corpses
into dreamland where
he witnessed a squalid
prefabricated moonscape
theme park had evolved
twixt the bowed crowns
of faraway emasculated peaks

‘Natural disaster verses war?
Always the same outcome’
A cynical waking thought
tormenting him as
he muddled through
his brand new day

21 thoughts on “COUNTING CRATERS

    1. Mud slides or bombs! Earthquakes or friendly fire…not sure. As to the BBC World Service it is a must! American Republican politicians should listen to it – certainly Ms Palin should! Being the victim of long term insomnia I tend to tune in about 3.30am until 6am when I allow myself to get up…just a shame I’ve lost some crucial parts to my telescope!

      1. Most likely although I do recommend the World Service…they cover what is non-news to most of us yet real news in much smaller less ‘powerful’ countries than us in the West.

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