In an opium den in Kentish Town she was serving previously boiled River Wandle water ‘fresh’ from the jug into almost clean ceramic beakers. Such was the fervour she was all but in her birthday suit. Most punters paid her little heed though, lost as they were in both the purple haze and their private phantasmagorical illusions.

Not so the Cuban! He recalled surprisingly clearly given his muddle that she had posed for him once in the Quartier Pigalle.

“You never paid me.” The Cuban had hoped wrongly that her memory was not as sharp as his.

“Unmasked I am the one who would share my forgotten riches equally with you,” his flustered outlandish riposte.

All but spitting feathers, “You! Riches? How so you have riches? You are an artist…artists are always broke.”

“How does a tobacco plantation in Havana and more slaves than you can shake a stick at appeal?”


“Worth a try though!”

Later, after blackout the Cuban fed and bedded her. Come first blush he was but her tolerable stopgap meal ticket. Upon awakening he adjudged she was nothing more than wishful thinking.

37 thoughts on “THE CUBAN’S MUSE

      1. Unlike your US ‘football’ players us Brits don’t go for body (or head even) protection…which is probably why we lost the Empire!

      2. Cricket…the best sport on the planet. A game of human chess; a game of philosophy and manners; a wonderful thing indeed! I saw a documentary recently from the US (can’t recall exactly where in the US yet think it was New York) where they are teaching miscreants cricket to teach them how to be civil and it seemed to work for the group!

      1. No. Was never good at that. But then again, wouldn’t consider myself an artist. Have too much reverence for them.

      2. I have a cunning plan in that regard…’Shirl I’m really good at painting…yes I know I’ve kept it a secret all these years but it is true…I specialize in nudes so if you wouldn’t mind…’ …she just told me to go forth and multiply. Hardly a thing a lady should say!

      3. She once said the same when I told her I was an accomplished photograph plus she refused outright to come take a look at my etchings! Life is so unfair!

    1. I didn’t know a Cuban was a breed of dog! Well there’s a thing! Do you know young Marissa the world confuses me…just this day (this is true by the way) Shirley quite bewildered me for as I announced I was off to do some shopping she said, ‘…and don’t forget the two little knobs’. Seeing my eyes dart about their sockets she let me out of my misery by pointing out that the carpenter chap needs them for a cabinet he’s fitting…and there was me so very worried at first!

      1. Cuban a breed of dog? Well I did know it was a kind of cigar, you know. As for the knobs, well I wouldn’t quit wondering if she didn’t mean something else if I were you!

      2. I have checked on Wiki thing and the Cuban dog is blighted by this constant desire to bark up wrong trees…a well known fact I understand. As to the knobs the word ‘two’ threw me let alone ‘small’! Crumbs and all that!

    1. Cheers for that…I rather liked your pictures today…especially so the chairs affixed high upon a wall. Once more I was going to go for the flippant comment yet, again once more it seemed inappropriate for an uplifting post! I really will have to wear a different hat reading you blog…’tis your variety see!

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