In the beginning, in a temper

tantrum over nothing much she cast

the deck of tarot cards skywards


That every single one settled

face down peeved, for gravity

had dealt her a cruel hand that

told nothing of the times to come

no clue as to twists of fate


That self-same day she became

a fatalist, sought solace in

mystery tours, blindfolds

and Gaelic shrugs, determined

a stage magician’s scarcely

clad factotum she would be


Trussed to the ‘Wheel of Death’

facing down a perpetual volley of

razor sharp knives and lapping up

the rip-roaring salacious sadomasochistic

undercurrent before the drooling

hoi polloi became her want


Better still and despite rumours

of a brood by floozies, gambling

debts and fierce altercations with

all and sundry the man of magnetism,

he who threw a mean knife knew

well that chalk and cheese lovers

are always the most devoted of friends


Yet time plays mischievous tricks

soon the days of hippodrome were over,

the milk and honey summer gave way

to a winter of condolence trumpeting

the long overdue gestation of a cabaret

of ‘care not’ bluebells no one dared tramp upon,

for beneath the carpet the magician and his

spellbound muse lay forever at rest




26 thoughts on “CHALK & CHEESE LOVERS

      1. She got back to me…she says I can shot her with an arrow…you know the ones with a little rubber sucker pad on the end…if I pay her £1000! Where’s the fun in that I ask!

    1. Cheers. As an aside walking the streets of Hellfire Corner this very (sunny for once) day a chap in a suit handed me a leaflet upon which was written, ‘Jesus Loves You’. At this I felt compelled to make mention of the fact that whilst I do not for one moment have a homophobic bone in my body I sadly don’t swing that way. Sadly he took affront!

    1. If I could perfect the magicians art then for certain I wouldn’t settle for just the one scantily clad assistant…I mean what use having just the one when you’ve cut her in half with a magic saw. Unless one had loads of assistants one would be unemployed after the first show!

  1. Excellent poem, Mike…
    These verses really resonated with me:
    ” Trussed to the ‘Wheel of Death’
    facing down a perpetual volley of
    razor sharp knives and lapping up”
    Have a great weekend. Best wishes Aquileana ⭐

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