A not so ‘fine’ drizzle blankets

both lenses and optimism

dampens the spirit too,

mucks up a walk in the park


“A penny for your thoughts angel?” 

That she did not reply did not deter

“Christ girl you’ve a face like a slapped arse…what’s up, maybe I can help?”

“I hardly think so…leave me alone please.”

“Your choice.” 

“I’m well aware of that.”


They go their separate ways, he

begrudgingly, she with just the

tiddliest hint of baseless fear


On the spur of the moment a pursed

lipped sun gobbles up a canopy

of disagreeable off-colour candyfloss


The first scan of the baby had added

zilch to what she already knew


Staying true to the path she walks on,

revisits envisaging a feasible, unique

perhaps take on the heliocentric system

namely that the entirety is little more

than just a cod liver oil capsule; a gel of

horse hoof origins riskily encasing

all that is and ever has been within


Ahead now the bandstand, a black dude

on saxophone centre stage serenading

two young lovers sharing tongues,

promises and guarantees under a petulant

curfew disavowing yet yawning moon


A spruced-up, long in the tooth gent

with a scatty Dalmatian requests she

holds the leash while he does up a

wayward shoelace, says “Thanks luv”


Next the chattering one from before

appears for his predestined reappearance

‘On his way home likely,’ she thinks…hopes


He blows her a kiss from enjoined cupped

palms, grins a saucy grin and is on his way


She ambles on by, head bashfully yielding

And suppressing her first smile for an age


A little way away a genial yet cocky young

lad is in a boozer taking an early pint, holding

court, quite blind to what he is missing out on


49 thoughts on “A WALK IN THE PARK

    1. For once young Marissa it is pure fiction – all it was was me spotting a rather lonely gal walking along the riverside looking like she had all the troubles in the world…I would have liked to have been the bloke who blew her a kiss but must admit I didn’t!

      1. Now we’re getting somewhere. Mike Steeden does cartwheels in the park…and everybody…runs? laughs? comes to his aid as it seems he is unable to get up?

  1. Wonderful imagery, Mike – absolutely loved the fourth stanza, especially, ‘…a pursed lipped sun…’ Excellent! x

    1. Cheers Sir – I meant to comment on your post last evening by the way yet couldn’t as the only device still live was my mobile (I have great difficulty typing on a mobile) and by that hour the red wine was having an effect! It was a jolly good read so I must try to get back to it…just that this very eve my team won so more claret…tomorrow methinks!

  2. Bloody, sodding wordpress changed my settings again but I thought…Mike has not blogged today…or has he? Then I came straight over. You know that saying a face like a slapped arse is a fav and I could have missed it and this great poem?. Huh!

    1. Cheers for that. Shirley’s father would say it to her often when a temper took hold. Brain hurts this morning as Arsenal won yesterday and have just recalled a number of noisy children are visiting today!

  3. My favorite place to look,sir, is the talky verse: “A penny for your thoughts, angel”/ just another damn fine job, thanx again

  4. 🙂 beautiful words, strung together beautifully 🙂
    Thank you Mike, you make a stroll in the park such a wisened joy.
    (oh! is wisened not a word?! hell, you know what i mean 😉

  5. Every time I read you I have something to smile about. You’re a great observer of human nature, and that of course gives you endless material

    1. My thanks – appreciated yet oh for endless material! My brain is as dead as I don’t know what presently…which in point of fact means your words have rather made my day…best put the thinking cap on and hope there is something there!

      1. Oh I so know that feeling. When I get into that rut the only thing that works for me is freewriting. I just start writing nonsense that is on my mind. I resist throwing out the rubbish and sometimes reading it later there is something there. But even if it’s drivel, it sort of primes the pump for me.

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