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carruthers 2

“I say Carruthers it’s been so very long since we last did it I think I’ll need lubricant.” 

“Lou Bricant! Who the ruddy hell is Lou Bricant when he’s at home and why oh why Deidre would you need him…whomsoever the bastard is…am I not your husband…am I not capable of fulfilling even your more extravagant desires?” 

“What are you on about Carruthers? All I’m saying is that a little, or rather a lot I suppose, of lubricant in this thing of mine will, I just feel, will lessen the friction in this here delicate mechanism.  I mean it hasn’t been put to good use since the old King died has it?” 

“Don’t keep going on about that…you’re always badgering me to do that nasty thing and anyway it hasn’t been that long in my book…if you recall you made me do it the night we married…

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