He left at first light by the back door

In his wash bag your heart that he stole

You never saw him again till the day that you died

When past memories began to fast scroll


As if in an instant at your final breath

Like trailers from movies transposed

Onto the big screen inside of your head

Just as your eyelids for ever they closed


I believe that your last word was ‘bastard’

And must presume it aimed at that cad

Whose sanity took a leave of absence that day

For in abandoning you he must have been mad


Still now it is me who will inherit

Your great fortune; your real estate

So better I rush off down the pub for I note

The undertakers here with your crate!



24 thoughts on “SUCH IS LIFE

    1. I believe all us chaps think caddish things yet thankfully very few take off their gentleman masks and enact such devious schemes! If the truth be told I wrote this in 2 minutes to try and rid myself of a three day long 100% block – re-reading it, it shows!

      1. A strange world. My son and I had cause to buy new socks today. He chose plain black; I a myriad a multi-coloured diamonds! I have been pondering this ever since!

      1. My sock collection is the talk of the town by the way! ‘WordPress ate my comment’ would make a great Frank Zappa song…even better than his, ‘The Weasel’s Ate My Flesh’!

  1. I love your narratives, Mike! Oh the choices we make! This poor gal fell into quite a bad way. Love the last stanza!

      1. *laughs* perhaps that’s what makes this one so enjoyable… you went outside the norm and gave us a taste of the unexpected 😀

  2. Hi Mike
    Nice to see you again. I remember admiring the camera in your header. Thanks for visiting my site this weekend. I’m glad you liked my expert interview.

      1. Mr Lenzi is I believe a truly great poet…his work would sit comfortably in any era and will stand the test of time…a good bloke to boot!

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