Legend has it that he finally fell on his own sword

that the baffling tyranny of paralyzed ruminations

finally did for the man who once had the whole shebang


To have known then lost the Midas touch

is an accursed thing for ravenous the urge

to retrace tracks; to turn back time and repair

haunts for evermore the recesses of the mind


She had once told him that a backward glance

has rewards in reminiscence but never in regret

yet those words went unheeded on the frosty one

who pawned Saville Row for the dullard cloak of ignominy


Inevitably the lapse of time heralds a day

when love itself takes leave of absence

when loyalty becomes a crestfallen immigrant

She hung in though ever trying to chart safe passage

beyond the skyline toward pastures new

to a place where all would be well once more

In doing so she overlooked that those contaminated

spread the virus of bemusing breakdown on contact


When I met with her at a café in Aix-en-Provence

an infant at her breast, a latte in her free hand

she was at pains to explain she had done all

she could to cure his malaise; that in the end

she had made a full recovery and that insofar

as she knew he was now ‘safe’ from it all

Of course I gingerly quizzed her

as to what exactly ‘safe’ meant

That she would not expand upon the point

told me everything and nothing

I bid Mary and her boy child a

fond farewell feeling sure a lofty fable

would one day come to pass


25 thoughts on “A FOND FAREWELL

    1. Well I think so. I even stumbled on the old posting page..thought ah I’ll have a go at this because I never had problems with it and even that didn’t work…it’s all bollocks to me! Still taking a short break to France soon in a place where they advertise has ‘occasional internet’!

    1. Cheers…just playing around in a Dan Brown sort of..kinda like…know what I mean (I only say that because that was the response of one I asked for directions from this day) way! Best of luck

  1. “She hung in though ever trying to chart safe passage
    beyond the skyline toward pastures new”

    Love this! Seems it was speaking to me. Maybe I can have it as my tagline? Currently mine’s put my fleas to sleep.

      1. I’m back. Think I may have been back when I commented or maybe on my way. When I got back there were about 500 blogs waiting for me. My plan was to delete almost all of them but then I felt bad and attempted to read many of them. I really can’t be held responsible for my comments.

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