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Cuthbert was cursed with very cold hands

Even upon a hot summer’s day

His mitts could warm up an ice bucketed beer

And warm beer is undrinkable they say

As for the gals poor Cuthbert despaired

Not a lass would give him time of day

For when his hands roamed beneath a t-shirt

They always said ‘no’ not ‘OK’

Yet Cuthbert’s luck was shortly to change

When an Inuit girl caught his eye

He determined that she would be used to the cold

And if he touched her she wouldn’t cry

How cruel life can be for Cuthbert you see

Was arrested for common assault

In his keenness to ‘touch’ he quite forgot

His lack of manners was a dangerous fault

As the judge pointed out, “Cold hands or not

A lady prefers to be wooed

And just because she’s from the frozen north

Don’t you think she found cold…

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5 thoughts on “CUTHBERT’S COLD HANDS

    1. That is very kind yet I am off to a place we are renting in France that boasts ‘occasional’ internet – sounds interesting – and thus will not be blogging for a little while (10-14 days) from this very afternoon. Regardless thank you for thinking of me so here’s a quote I was formulating into a bit of lunacy this very day (possibly a title), ‘A Gentleman Prefers a Pulse’!

      1. Cheers…I am an appalling photographer and generally return from my beloved France with some of the most amazingly contrived rubbish photographs…so if they turn out as badly as per usual I may post them…and I stress her mine are really bad not just Facebook bad!

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