mayfly 1

Given we have a plumber putting in radiators and a bloke musing over floorboards we are escaping across The Channel for a while. The place we are renting boasts…yes boasts…’occasional’ internet as a selling point in the particulars! Should be interesting. I shall not post at all for the duration yet will try to read posts and comment as ‘occasional’ internet allows.

So then I shall be back soon. In the meantime herewith one of my old poems written for the grandkids;


The problem with us poor Mayflies
Is living for just a day
We eat, we drink, we laugh, we love
But are careful when we play

The reason is quite obvious
It’s plain for all to see
If we play too rough and hurt ourselves
We might die before our tea

You see we only get to take tea
Just once in our short lives
Because after tea we’re grown ups
Because after tea we die!

Best of luck to one and all



    1. Well that just about covers all eventualities…thank you although presently I’m on painkillers following a unique yawn just last evening…calls for a glass or two of something red methinks!

  1. Finally! I’ll have you know, I’m serving jury duty today and am having a hell of a time getting these set up on the state funded computers! I think I know what you may be in for with your limited internet access! By the way, I am currently having all poems converted to French. See you in a day or so!

    1. Oh I do trust the trial isn’t a 6 moth murder…we’ll never hear from you again…and even now as I write The Golden Age of Verse is upon us and there’s you on jury service…what a terrible, unfair shame!

    1. True…the floorboards or more accurately the ‘Sorry mate I had to pop out on another job so couldn’t get this one finished’ worries me most upon our return!

  2. Have a blast! I’ve got a 3-week hiatus with “occasional” access scheduled for later in the summer that I’m anticipating/dreading –it should generate a ton of material, though. Put your feet up and turn your brain off.

    1. Cheers…it is true what you say for last time I disappeared to France and somewhat the worse for red wine I invented a couple of new characters for skits…sadly I worked them to death though!

  3. Watcha Rachel! Glad you liked this kids once. I’ve quite a few of these in the locker – some I blogged ages ago some still on ice. Just not sure about what kids age group they are aimed at! Still I am typing on a tablet that keeps presuming what it thinks I want to type so I may have to stamp on it!

    1. LOL! Let the parents worry about the age appropriateness… With all the popular zombie things parents are subjecting their kids to, these are rather tame… And with the big words, they’re educational, too.

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