I will take my leave ahead of you,

to a place that is most sublime,

and rent for us a suite of rooms,

at The Hotel End of Time


By the time that you arrive there,

you can take for granted that I’m,

going to ensure cocktails await us,

at The Hotel End of Time


We shall have an open reservation,

in the restaurant most elegant,

the chef is cordon bleu you know,

although I’m told a little arrogant


I hear the view from the veranda,

is to behold and quite divine,

we shall breakfast there on summer morns,

at The Hotel End of Time


But please always remember,

that right now you are in your gorgeous prime,

so there is no need for you to hurry yet,

to The Hotel End of Time


32 thoughts on “THE HOTEL END OF TIME

  1. Spooky, I liked it. Made me think, it resonates

    …tho posh hotels are kind of ghastly, don’t you think so? Just me, I suppose. Okay, I’m off to copy your poem, heh πŸ™‚

    1. I can cope with really posh hotels…even Mavis Ramsbottom’s B&B in Cockermouth at a push but in general terms I loath hotels…save perhaps for one I discovered in the red light district of Toulouse all those years ago…but that’s another story!

      1. Ah my favourite Russian speak…now this very day our young Croatian chum is visiting for a BBQ and I will be paying particular heed to her accent (rather lovely as it happens) and how to write in that accent. Should be fun…I shall report back

      1. As an atheist, do you not believe in any sort of afterlife, such as reincarnation? (I thought it was just God and Satan.) Either way, it does make for interesting literature, no? πŸ™‚

      2. If the truth be told I will believe in anything that science can prove and/or history accurately records. The living space we each have in our own particle of time fascinates me beyond all other things though…whether our lives are short or long we are there in that piece of time! Got a headache now!

      3. So when you have a reliable source tell you they saw a ghost or they believe they are haunted, do you believe them? Or you’d have to see it yourself? That’s so interesting. πŸ™‚

      4. Don’t have to ‘see’ something as such; don’t disbelieve people yet proof based on science is important to me. Take the Victorian’s for example many thought they had truly seen fairies in the garden; then there was the 20th Century fascination with aliens; then why is it only in the West (mainly) that there are ghosts…baffles me yet all part of the tapestry of life I guess. Maybe off air until Wednesday/Thursday perhaps by the way…wretched toothache (a back one) is being removed on Tuesday and I have no idea how I’m going to get by until then…ODing in painkillers presently. Have a jolly good day young Rachel!

    1. I hate that you’re in pain! 😦 I hope by now it’s feeling better. Just today another blogger in the UK posted how when she moved there from here, she felt so much freer to declare her athiesim than she did in the US. She said it’s mush more widely accepted there… but then she accredited it to hating religion. I have another expatriate, non-blogger friend who splits his time between London and Italy, and he says the same thing. I sometimes wonder if some people think God and religion are the same thing. I do like and respect that you’ve researched the basis for your beliefs. I think so many people I meet only believe what they do out of popularity. I hope you’re tooth’s better now! πŸ™‚

      1. It is very unfair of me to go one about atheism…you must forgive that. My mood remains evil what with the tooth; the secondary infection that has awarded me a second head and now – mentioned in another reply to you a few minutes ago – the blowing up of my trusty photo filled laptop and this wretched search for a hard drive that might have the older snaps on that I cannot find because it’s in a box somewhere! Woe is me…time for more salt water mouthwash and vile tablets etc.!

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