An ‘undress me if you dare’
frock of early morn’s visionless
mist spares the moorland her blushes

Not that the Sun God gives a damn
for he has no regard for modesty
no scruples and will unveil her in his
own time as and when the fancy takes
only then she will be unmasked in all her glory

I found the girl in the raven’s wing widow’s shroud
knelt beside a black blood tinged corpse
in the mire of a battlefield turned stagnant
all about her mortal carrion as far as the eye could see
strewn this way and that, far and wide

“What are you doing young lady…this is no place for a woman?”

She either didn’t hear or was
disposed to simply ignoring me
I repeated myself a little louder
prompting a pointed riposte

“You patronise me Sir…besides I am merely counting the Jacobite dead of Culloden if you must know, nothing more.”

“You’ll be here some little time longer then I’m guessing!”

“Long as it takes to document the damage done by the insatiable blinkered flag wavers. I’ll be on my way as soon I have put names to rotting flesh.”

“Why the shroud…have you lost your man here?”

“Each and every one was mine.”

I would in normal circumstances have
asked her name, passed the time of day
maybe I should have yet that would mean
an interruption of remembrance
A cardinal sin

I sensed her out of the ordinary even back then
In the 250 odd years since that dreadful rout
from time to time our paths have crossed
always in the aftermath of mankind’s subjective
knee jerk reaction to lust, power, greed, revenge

The Somme, Auschwitz, The Killing Fields, Hiroshima
wherever the soil got stained crimson I happened upon her
she as ever identifying the dead, ticking off names
I have come to believe she is the daughter of the one I once knew well

Her Name?
Some call her Tellurus

Cronus, if the truth be told


55 thoughts on “MS EARTH & DR TIME

  1. I’ve been crying over graves I don’t even know. That’s why I don’t like cemeteries. I feel her pain, especially when Time took ’em early.

    1. Time can only watch and absorb…’tis us wretched humans who are at fault…even left handed ones! By the way best you don’t go to the WW1 war graves in France and Belgium…they even make this old fool get a tad tearful!

    1. Tooth is no more…back one it was so I’m bruised about the gob like I don’t know what…the usual gal dental nurse of appealing cleavage was not on duty sadly and it was thus that I had nothing take take my mind of the torture of it all!

      1. That makes me feel a tad better…selfish as ever I am…if he’d had ‘five’ removed from said down below regions he’d never have worked in a fairground again poor chap…I shall forgo the German teeth removal jokes as likely they’d be in bad taste. Still can’t complain the swelling of my gums/cheek area now gives me an abnormal look I rather like…wife says it’s an infection and I’ll be whinging again come morn!

    2. Oddly enough, he did once work in a fairground. That was where he lost his virginity to a girl with, as he discovered after the event, a nimble and highly articulate prosthetic hand. I have my teeth extracted by a Slovakian girl who is ruthlessly, and in my case toothlessly, efficient – all on the NHS.

  2. somewhere in my storage I have a dirk I picked up from an Edinburgh antiquary, said to have been dug up from Culloden Moor – I twice read “mortal carrion” as “moral carrion” and then realized either seems appropriate

    1. That I had such a relic! An interesting battle that one…the build up especially so. That said I rather like ‘mortal carrion’ – something Dali about it. By the way this new WP ‘reader’ layout is the most irksome thing; it’s all very well them telling us how long it will take to read a post (I am dyslexic by the way) yet it takes me a good thirty seconds to determine who’s posts I’m reading…the header to a post should have the feel of a tabloid ‘smack in face’ look about it!

  3. An forensic anthropologist friend told me about a study where the bone yards of long lost tribes were examined to determine cause of death. He put the number of males who died by violence at universal 30%. Some habits are buried so deep in the DNA that they are hard to break.

    1. A fine observation – we started out bad and continued that way ever since. 30% is massive even it it is averaged out – shocking. By the way apologies for my Putin rant the other day. I have been suffering from major toothache to the extent I mixed painkillers – some prescribed; some that sounded good to me – to the additional extent that following yesterdays extraction of a rather large back tooth I now realize I’ve been high as a kite for the best part of a week. ‘Additionally’ I have worked out that the stomach cramps are all to do with painkillers twat that I am…wife I vaguely recall warned me of my stupidity yet is hard to be objective when in agony…at least she shouted at the dentist on my behalf to get the bloody thing removed sooner rather than later.

    1. Held your breath! A dangerous thing and I strongly advise you never to even contemplate reading War & Peace! Seriously though thanks for reading and commenting

  4. Mike, firstly how are you? Secondly you must be some kind of fighting fit to have written this. I have got this saved to favourites. It’s one to read again and again. I loved it.

    1. Thank you…I do believe I have an infection as one side of my face is considerably larger than the other presently. Needless to say public appearances are off the agenda!

    1. My thanks – appreciated. Written post a visit to the dentist after 3 days (what with it being the weekend) of abject pain…nice to see the keyboard again after that!

      1. Death, time and now deformity for where once was a tooth there is now an infection – it is thus that I seem to have grown an extra head such is the swelling. Of course I am now stuck indoors. Dare not got out as I might scare the neighbours…I am tempted though for the way I look should ensure me a job in a fairground…eat your heart out bearded lady!

      2. Sounds like the opening to one of those mystery TV shows from the 70s!

        I wonder if the murders in the beautiful parts are beautiful murders….

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