Yet another WP post that has decided upon a random approach as to which – in any – ‘readers’ it will appear on! What with this regular feature and the wretched new ‘reader’ one wonders why we bother…well this one does!



Dear Maud,

Please do forgive me

I am writing from afar

By the time this missive doth arrive

The bailiffs will have the car

The house and all its contents

The bank accounts frozen too

You will likely have been charged as an accessory

What will become of you?

You see sat here in paradise

Young Svetlana at my side

Arguably it is bigamy

As she is my new found bride

For I am above the law now

Out of justice’s reach

With my lover at my side

Sipping daiquiris on the beach

Fortunately there is no extradition here

And I escaped with oodles of cash

Plus a few bob from the drugs deal

Do you recall all that hash?

Still really must get on now

There is a twinkle in Svetlana’s eye

I do believe she wishes to bed me again

As for you Maud, you may as well…

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      1. We know a family with 8 kids – all grown up now yet many living at home where each kids name begins with a ‘P’ – hellish problems when the post arrives!

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