She would argue black was white

that Engels was blind to the lowliness of

the masses of ‘before long’ blue collar

peons choking on the toxic ash laden

manmade nebula overhead, the

product of vitalized, once satanic mills

while all the time engaged in the

picking of the marigolds and thinking

how beneficial a thermal underwear

store might be on icy Planet Pluto


Out of plain mischief she declared

she could no longer recollect the day

he had taken her to the end of the pier

beyond the tacky ‘kiss me quick’ hats

beyond the pinball and slot machines

where they stood amid the fishermen

over the briny and counted a cluster

of mottled brown, black, white turnstones

frantically whizzing this way and that ever

hopeful of a swiped fresh fish and bait supper


She was, is and always will be my captivating conundrum



      1. Importantly the residents of Pluto have two heads and more importantly the gals have eight breasts so you’ll have to go to head office on Mars for training in the fitting of thermal vest and bras! I offered but Shirl reminded me that she is CEO!

      2. Yes, well I’ve already considered that and really it’s no problem as our designer was actually spent her time in gestation in a house with lead filled paint so her proportions are quite similar.

    1. An odd one was Engels…better brain than Marx yet neither could spot the flaw of relative greed be the greedy one pauper or King when making pronouncements regarding the rights of the masses…and that’s coming from me, an old die hard leftie well aware of his own faults in this regard.

    1. Cheers – back to silly skits next…brain is beginning to hurt. By the way Lennard contacted me on a WP post of a couple of days ago…seems he is alive and well.

    1. I rather like turnstones…they way run about the place amuses…I’m guessing you get many more on the Scottish coast though what with them flying your way from Scandinavia intent on nicking all your shellfish. e have one here who stays around all year because he has but the one leg…the fishermen have named him ‘Hoppy’!

    1. Living so close to the sea as we do we find that by 4am they are shitting on our cars…had my sons car and ours valeted at great cost the other day…next morning covered they were!

    1. It seems it may have been alive once and thing may have lived there. Amazing…when the universe starts to shrink properly I wonder if it will all come alive again!

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