He mouths his solo of undoing

the venue a derelict warehouse

due south of Old Father Thames

to an accompanying throb of

aimless raindrops succumbing

to relentless gravity via

fractured apertures, leaky roof


His gallery a wonky line-up of

couldn’t care less spiders

scurrying half interested rats

vagrant rummaging sex charged pigeons


Yet there was once a time when his

patriotic baritone could fill an opera house

chauffeur driven bib and tucker swank

boasting ‘a la mode’ razzle dazzle trophies

thunderous applause, ‘Bravo, encore, more…more…more’


Back then he piloted his own serendipity

back then was before he fell for the sleeper courtesan

who would orchestrate his fall from grace


Burned out he capsizes into canned flashbacks lockup

introspection ever the darkest of muses

her petticoats, her stays, alabaster smooth skin

raven plumage, siren eyes, and unornamented Byzantine intimacy


Wonders how did it all unfold thus?


“Your poison Sir”


“Sorry I was miles away…what did you say?”


“Your poison…what are you drinking?”


Another ‘another’ glass of bubbly for

the bleary eyed fuddled idol in his cups

she duly obliges, keeps his forgotten change

tie askew, dress shirt undone, face down on the bar

she recognizes her prey, her long awaited jackpot

she takes him home


That he fell in love in a flash there was no doubt

that she was just camouflage he could not be expected to have known


Time broke into a sprint as false romance

blossomed throughout a spry spring


One evening in her atelier, lost to the demon drink

his part time artisan pinned him to the bed posts

painted in oils his image as alive and as dead for posterity

drew forth her Armenian Serpent and severed his vocal folds

stole his voice

cast him adrift


No such thing as predilection for the enslaved one, the

one who had once, in the term previous to fame and fortune

sang songs of hate that incited the masses, fuelled the Medz Yeghern

left Delilah and the unmoored souls urging her on no choice




30 thoughts on “MEDZ YEGHERN

  1. Well, you can only imagine how deeply ensconced I was in your sultry rhyme when I popped on your page to give it a like and saw your new pic there. I didn’t know you could skateboard like that Mike!

      1. Then Google it I shall! Just have…mind last time I felt suicidal I just stood next to my uncle Stan who did chuck up a bit and he heralded from South London!

  2. This is bloody amazing. I think I have read it five times to drink in the wonderful imagery. Oh and by the way don’t you hide your skateboarding light under a bushel?

  3. Oh, wow, this was chilling… I was all ready to make a smartass comment about “vagrant rummaging sex charged pigeons” until I got to the end, and it was so outstanding, I couldn’t make a quip. Bravo!

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