Zinnie do you still love me

After all that I have done?

That gal in Nice inconsequential

As was the meaningless fling with the nun


Mind my frolic with young Svetlana

I accept did cross the line

So too my affair with that actress

And the model I did wine and dine


My excuse? You may very well ask

And believe me I owe you the truth

I simply cannot control my loins

Just ask your sister, your sister Ruth


I point of fact ask your auntie

And your mother will tell you the same

For when the mood is about me

All of you gals are fair game


Zinnie do you still love me

After all that I have done?

If so then I’d feel so much better

If you put down that submachine gun



30 thoughts on “ZINNIE DO YOU STILL LOVE ME?

  1. “Too much activity of the loins, gets one a permanent scar in the groin.” Pope John Paul The First, just moments before he drank poisoned tea prepared for him by Sister “Monogamous” Heafty-Buns of The Vatican wait staff. September 28th, 1978

  2. I envy (in a nice way) your easy way of rhyming without it being obvious – the flow of the words just carries the reader along – if I was Zinnie, no, I wouldn’t put down the submachine gun – I’d pull the trigger!

  3. this made me laugh

    I liked it so much, I clicked the ‘Like’ button twice – to show my appreciation – only to find my second like cancelled out my first, so I ‘Liked’ it 3 times (stupid WordPress) so you would know I enjoyed it 😆

    1. I know what you mean about that over sensitive ‘like’ button…using my mobile in a cafe the other morning I must have confused some poor sod…about 18 likes and 17 cancellations later it finally ‘liked’!

      1. Me make mother-in-law jokes…never…I mean she was a big woman I know but the very fact the lads used her knickers for hang gliding really is none of my business!

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