My boulevard of ‘know all’ over-pruned plane trees can never keep secrets
We gossiping motionless ones devour life’s cameos and bequeath them far and wide
Regardless along with my cousins, those dreaming spires and self-effacing cobblestones
we have seen it all before
Whether they be lovers, current or contrary or just in love you will find them here, here in this city of bicycles, wicker baskets and eccentric wind swept academics

What diversion will confound this day I wonder?
An unacknowledged lost sheep wearing a gentleman’s fedora
perched prettily pavement side of an open to question cafe
brazenly breast feeding to the tuts and whispers of mostly obese prudes
she all too aware that this is a place where disenfranchised coffee beans are
incarcerated within paper cups sporting plastic titfers suffering scolding viscous milk indignities
Still needs must when the devil drives
Macca’s words ‘Sweet Loretta Martin thought she was a woman, but she was another man’ loops inside her head as she awaits the licentious scholar
‘The philosopher’s milk cow is the most exquisite thing in the universe’ the sometimes gay aged bright spark thinks to himself as he catches sight of her sat at her precarious table looking as beguiling as before
Albeit late as usual he dilly dallies hither and yon before taking a seat opposite his onetime muse
“Thunder and lightning” 


“Thunder and lighting is what I thought when I got your message…to meet you here that is. Been a long time. What pray do you want young lady? Sorry to have to rush you only I’m speaking at the academy at 3…can’t be late, you know how it is” 
Behind the see through mask of unfiltered Gauloises and half decent espresso candour she asks him for a name for his son, nothing more
 As I alluded to earlier, our circle of paralyzed ‘bark and brick’ have witnessed it all before



    1. English is the mongrel of all languages…if anything American English with ‘new’ words and new meanings for old words effectively has added to the English language I think

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