Presently we have a bespectacled chain smoking electrician constantly turning the electricity meter on and off at seemingly random moments, two burly, shirtless builders (the wife has taken something of a shine toward them) outside breaking up concrete (hell of a noise I must say) so as to lay a new drive and a random Russian (former KGB by the look of the chap) plastering the dining room. I cannot write or even think with all this disruption so I have decided to escape for a little while. Moreover I am conscious we only a have few weeks of summer left to enjoy.

It is thus that it is my intent to cross La Manche and aim for France…that is if the Blighty bound migrants have not effectively blocked the Channel Tunnel and/or the disgruntled redundant former ferry workers (who’s cause I support by the way) haven’t left burning tyres on the motorway thereby shutting down The Port of Calais!

The very best to one and all of you and my thanks to Inchy for the pic he’s mugged up showing me in all my socialist glory!

I shall return full of orgasmic smelly French cheese and lashed up with crates of red!



      1. I prefer the tunnel yet will take the ferry this time…you never know who you might meet in the tunnel…having said that and having used the tunnel many times I cannot see how anyone could do the whole 30 miles and live – the bloke deserves a medal

  1. And I’m just getting back into the swing of things. You should be in my building for a couple of hours chum.

      1. Certainly will! Oddly I have found the closest thing to proper ‘stale next day as bread should be’ French bread in a store named Iceland…a new range a restaurant owner put me onto…frozen and a 10 minute cook. The Rye bread and the Parisien truly to die for…at last decent bread in England!

  2. Well, don’t think for a moment that I won’t be far behind you! I’ve hooked up with the Russian (and by the way he’s actually still KGB) and I’ve decided to meet him at yours and escape with a couple of bottles of your Claret which will probably be empty by the time we find you in France to sing you the tunes of our newly composed Russian/French/English poetry.

    1. I think you’d make rather a fine Russian assassins moll…mind to get to France these days is hellish (or can be) what with Operation Stack, migrants and the strikers (worth a Google search by the way)!

      1. Well, by now it is clear you see that us Ugly American have no idea what goes on overseas so thanks for suggesting the Google search so i might have a better understanding. No mind though, Boris and I are taking an underground tunnel.

      2. Assassins Moll, Marissa’s the assassin, I’m her Moll… whoops shouldn’t have told yer – now I’ll be for it…. oh dear…

    1. All is coming long well in the house although…and this is I think impressive…I managed just before dawn on Friday morn to black out and tumble down a newly carpeted staircase (sober I stress) without a broken neck or similar. Just bruised and battered and now that my wife is easing up on making me sit in an ice bath for hours on end (or so it seems) I’m feeling well enough to properly read a few blogs today…handy really as I hate being seem in public with the walking stick they handed me (it lacks a certain panache)!

      1. Oh gosh… I have stairs everywhere I turn. I’ve fallen down all of them now — inside and outside. So I should be safe now, right? A year ago i took a header down the front stairs. 8 of them and they’re brick. I can’t recommend body surfing on brick stairs… Fortunately nothing broken, though the sprained ankle took longer to heal than a break.
        Wishing you completely recovered soon. Hugs.

  3. You make a right handsome socialist, Sir Mike! I hope France was fun? And I trust Shirl got lots of photos of the hot, saucy, musclebound, ripped men at your place before she left. 😉

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