jungle 1

Escapees from up in smoke dazed dominions

Crescent, Cross and ‘Couldn’t Care Less’ alike

young, old, bambino, brothers and sisters all

just twenty wet miles away a foreseen island of

top of the milk cream and dripping honeycomb

free from menace, out of harm’s way sanctum

journeys end so close, expectations tantalizing

‘Go tell that to the Royal Marines’

the open arms of Liberty a vast ocean away

here scattergun animosity prevalent, here

‘On England’s pleasant pastures’

serpentine dreams and half-forgotten promises


 “Bugger off back where you came from”

“We don’t want you here”

“Not our problem”

“Starve for all we care”

“Besides you only want to take our jobs”

“Charity begins at home mate”

“I blame the French”


We are few it seems

we who care and give

though our compassion

impotent in this land of

white bread stand still mongrels

would be purebreds all

in shameful denial, as

politicians’ so called ‘Swarm’

char, chill and wish their lives away

in Calais’ open Jungle wound



    1. Over in California I’ll guess you haven’t heard about all the 3000+ migrants living in the squalour they call The Jungle in Calais all trying to get across to England because they think it a utopia without realizing most English ignore the fact their (i.e, the migrants) homelands are in a state of disarray (largely speaking thanks to Bush and Blair) and don’t want them here! The poor sods are between the Devil and the deep blue sea.

      1. No, I believe I have told you many times about us ugly Americans and how ignorant we are to anything that isn’t going on in front of our faces, but I think you actually wrote on this one before. In any case, after finding myself a bit lost once again, I googled Calais and procured a bit more info.

      2. Ignorance is also a British curse you know! By the way I am lucky to be alive today or this very morning at 4am I passed out and fell a full flight of stairs (12 of them)! Knackered my foot a bit; a few bruises and carpet burns but otherwise OK. Mind Shirley was in a state of disarray when she found this naked lump of humanity flat on his face in the hallway…funny old life. I stress I was sober as a judge by the way given that my fondness of fine wine is well known!

      3. Yes, I do often wonder how you know so much but figure out so little, Mike. As for the lump on the floor thing, well you know, residual effects of alcohol can make for a lot. My condolences to Shirley.

      4. Young Marissa I hadn’t had a drink – truly yet am so lucky I didn’t do my spine, neck or worse…man have I got bruises…were it not inappropriate they should really be up on Facebook. Shirley is a true diamond gal and I plainly regret scaring the living shit out of her. I believe she’s about to ban me from typing as my left hand has also swollen up…has the look of a purple cows udder about it no less! Worse still she wants me to visit the quack to find out why I blacked out!

      5. It is kind of scary, Mike! Yes, I did see Shirl’s FB post. Couldn’t think of anything sarcastically clever to say so I just left it alone. I suppose I do have a sympathetic bone in my body. I think it’s somewhere in my little toe.

      6. You and her are similar methinks on the sympathy front. In all truth she has done ever so well – I owe her something special when I get myself back together…the killer though (I was going on about it of FB this morning) is that she keeps encasing me in ice! I mean even if it was just a tiny bit erotic I wouldn’t mind but it isn’t and I do! I may have to change my ethnicity on my passport to mixed race though as I am now black, blue, orange, white and with a hint of lemon.

      7. Yes, I have a feeling that she and I would get along like a house on fire… and without knowing if that’s a good or bad thing, I will just say that it seems appropriate. Did you ever give in and let her take you to the doctor? If you did change the passport to mixed race, the whole ice thing may seem a bit more erotic…and don’t take that one too literally…I really don’t even know exactly what that’s supposed to mean.

      8. Off to the doctor this very morning…can bend the limbs a little better today yet must, I suppose discover why I fainted in the first place! I wonder if the doctor they assign me will be a young Eastern gal by the name of Svetlana…I think that might be quite erotic although I reckon she like wouldn’t think so!

      9. Oh Mike, always trying to get an angle. The hottest doctors I’ve had were young Asian women so that may be the best you could hope for. I did have a particularly handsome doctor care for me after the birth of my daughter. It was very hard trying to convince him I was single.

      10. I haven’t had a woman doctor yet but I’m still hoping for one… tomorrow might just be my day – we are with a new surgery so I don’t know who mine is yet! If it is a Svetlana I shall be seeing her regularly with all manner of health issues although knowing my luck my first female doctor will weigh twenty stone and hate men!

  1. And so a rude awakening at our doorstep – I hear whispers around me: am I ready to share the blessings our forefathers worked so hard for, am I ready to do without so strangers from a strange land, I did not invite to my home, can eat, can have a roof over their head… some are, some not …not all humanity is grand but all is humanity 😦 Well reflected here, Mike

  2. I admit to mixed feelings stained with some prejudice – but everyone deserves being treated with a common decency, unless and until their actions prove them unworthy

    1. Couldn’t agree more Paul…what we are doing in the UK is treating economic migrants as one and the same as genuine asylum seekers. There are a number of Afghanistan former interpreters who helped the army in the war there who we have left to be taken out by the Taliban and those poor sods have no place else to go yet we won’t let them in!

  3. I believe the venality, dis-concern for others and acquisitiveness of those in power all over the globe have brought about this situation, and the poor devils find themselves so desperate they risk life and limb to get where they think the Elysian Fields are waiting for them – but of course are not.

  4. I think Germany has taken in some 450,000; yet thanks to Farage, The Daily Mail et al we’re panicking over mere hundreds of these wretched and intrepid souls arriving.

    1. Spot on…at the very mention of The Daily Mail my stress levels go up! A evil little fascist rag…have you ever tried watching Fox News from the States? Ought to be called Fox Opinions for I yet to see any straight news on it!

      1. Corbyn is certainly ‘left’ enough for me yet I am in a minority who want one day a United States of Europe (won’t happen of course) and he seems bit ‘jury out’ on Europe. Still the best of a bad bunch and the only one who can win Scotland back…without Scotland Labour will never get in again anyway!

      2. I’m up for Corbyn but very much down on the E.C. (as is) myself. The good thing about Corbynmania is that at least it may augur the death of New Labour – they had their chance and blew it. Now we need to oppose the Tories and begin to forge in the public mind an alternative to Neoliberalism and the myth of free markets. Sorry to see Russell Brand jumping on J.C.’s bandwagon yesterday – it won’t help given his terrible gaff of suddenly backing Milliband; talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Duh!

      3. I was always a Michael Foot man…he who lost an election on the back of dead bodies in The Falklands prior to which Thatcher’s popularity was at a low ebb! I’ll take Corbyn though.

  5. Eloquently said and such a terrible dilemma. Not just in Calais, although this is such a graphic example right now, but in so many parts of the world. The disenfranchised families are banging on our doors. Our news has been covering it for weeks and there but for the ever shrinking Atlantic Ocean go we…

    1. Good point. The rule of thumb should be to take account of compassion and human values first then deal with the issue in respect of those who arrive from failed states (mainly brought about by the meddling’s of Bush & Blair)

    1. Cheers – I was totally sober I stress. It happened to me once before in France 5 years ago. Got tested for everything yet they couldn’t deduce anything. Both time at 4am – The Dreaded Curse of 4AM might make a skit when I stop hurting! Thanks for the concern – appreciated a lot.

      1. Lol you shoulda been drinking then you might not have fell. you makes sure you are lying down at that time in future. Now dinnae laugh but there some thing is there not about 5am and how the body’s temp drops then etc etc. Maybe your body clock is confused….

      2. Couldn’t reply yesterday young Shehannemoore as she had me encased in ice all day (sadly wasn’t remotely erotic). Still this morning I am multi coloured (a fine tapestry of black, blue, orange plus a hint of white) and in less pain than I thought might be the case…I was so very lucky. I think I might have worked out what happened and that I didn’t faint but merely fell asleep while on my way back to bed! I shall bewilder the quack with this one methinks.

  6. We are bursting at the seams with immigrants and it will be a huge issue in the 2016 presidential elections, but after all we did say “give us your poor…etc”. Actually My heart breaks for these displaced souls seeking asylum.

      1. I live in hope yet right now across Europe the marching drum best and in Western Europe I guess history has taught us what that means…I must add I feel Nostradamus about me…surely not!

      2. Cheers Sir…I despair…even boring Facebook is infiltrated and good folk, albeit it suckers getting seduced by right wing protectionism…still come the revolution!

  7. By the way, you’ve been chosen as one of today’s nine blogs in That’s So Jacob’s Ninth Month Blog Challenge! I challenge you to find nine blogs you find interesting and give them a comment to brighten their day…well, eight other blogs and mine 🙂 Copy this message in your comment and enjoy your new blog friends.

    Love the poem, now go and spread the love.

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