moon girl


She likened him unto the moon
‘at first light’ storms and a dark side
electrifying, magnetic, intimidating
impact craters, devilishly dapper
she quite overlooked his failings
that there were times when apathy
prejudiced her come hither games

Finally adversity eclipsed cajolery
only then did the she-moth spurn the
come hither charms of dark celestial
and instead, back on terra firma fell
head over heels for an incandescent
quite bare lightbulb, she paid the price
for infidelity, a betrayal of constancy
lost herself within the white lightening

Stiff collared the know all therapists
crippled thinkers the specialists
xenophobic the nursing staff
limping invalids the lot of them
in a place serving to mend the
‘from the outside looking in’
plausibly ‘fit as a fiddle’ inmates

Her only family now a dog-eared overcoat
the powers that be entrusting her a
rambling mastermind, one who juggle with
her wounded notions on a distracted whim
preferring crossword puzzles above mending
prescribed unavailing high voltage and pills

Bombed out and shortly to open a vein
she wished she were a meteorite again

On hearing this the man on the moon turned
another page, visited another grave


    1. Cheers…I think I’m annoying family with my constant whinging about the aches and pains but I can’t help myself really. If I had the courage I’d post a snap…but I haven’t said courage! Still the plus is if I’d gone headfirst down the stairs I’d probably be dead!

      1. Well that’s what we are here for, to listen to you complain when the family tells you to knock it off !
        I have to give you kudos for your sense of humor in the brothel post. But then humor is good medicine.

    2. Good thing I looked at this post again for your comment didn’t show up on the ‘comments’ thingy on the right hand side of the blogs I follow screen…still it is gratifying to note you sense my lunacy…of course what with our thunder storms today I feel a dark poem, or ‘almost’ poem coming on…it’ll probably be rubbish mind!

      1. I relate to your lunacy. Why should our families be the only ones to suffer? Good that we share it with the world village.

        I haven’t written much today, a few scribbles. But something will come to me. It’s early here

    3. Well it’s certainly lunatic central here…not written anything either…forgot my lovely Shirl was preparing the house for the builders tomorrow…she insists we build yet another bathroom (this old place used to be a guest house so has more loo’s and bathrooms than you could shake a stick at) this time in my quarters thus ensuring I don’t tumble down the stairs after the witching hour again! Just had a brilliant flashback to the fall and there was me thinking amnesia ruled the day! I even now know the sequence of and the actual swear words I uttered on the final roll!

      1. It would be nicer if you couldn’t remember I suppose. Does your doctor know why you blacked out? I hope it wasn’t anything serious.
        Maybe sleepwalking?

        I’d be worried too. I’d probably tie him to the bed every night.

    1. G has cured – it seems thus far – all my virus issues save for one! Namely when I try to ‘reply’ to you and others on that thing right of reader screen the second I hit reply the whole comment disappears! So it’s back to the original post! Never mind…yet I’m guessing you always have been and always will be a meteorite young Marissa. By the way the virus entered by one of the ‘paid for’ WP blogs according to G who spent hours working it out! Another blogger has had the same experience from ‘paid for’ sites twice now she tells me …so beware!

    1. Cheers…most impressive accident I’ve managed thus far. The bastard thing is my main bruises are al in places that are not for general public consumption…notwithstanding the wife has an array of snaps she may use for ‘revenge’ one day!

    1. Me a marvel? Crikey…one carrot short of a sack most say! Is it raining in Dundee? It is here…non stop all day and it is thus wife and son (what with me still a tad bolloxed on the moving about front) have moved my desk to another room so that tomorrow our Brazilian chum can build a bathroom within my quarters thus removing the scope for further tumbles down stairs in the night…all this makes me feel the 110 years Facebook would have me! The family have noted a certain lunacy about me this day…this means I may write, at last, the consummate piece of drivel that has been my lifelong quest!

    1. God I am boring one and all with this fall…I really must apologize…the thing was it was spectacular and my injuries so plentiful it’s hard to not go on and on and on about it! Anyway how was the traffic today?

      1. Of course you were black and blue! It’s not everyday you get both those colours in you. I hope you feel better soon!
        Traffic? It was pretty good today. I was on time – that’s all that matters – and still alive 😉

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