Of all of the charms of the fairer sex

Be they intellect, voluptuousness or impulse

I candidly believe that if the truth be told

A gentleman’s preference is but a pulse!



      1. I don’t see my own posts on my own reader but I think it’s supposed to be that way to just see others.
        I didn’t know there were troubles with them not appearing to others though.

    1. Good point that…did you know many. many years back my wife used to do a bit a stage lighting. One such gig took her to the place where said Saville was ‘performing’. She found him to be a loathsome creative even back then although she was swift to point out he did not attempt to tamper with her. When news broke of the awful things he did to young girls I merely asked my wife that in hindsight did she feel a tad left out…of course she beat me about the head with a rolled up newspaper at that point.

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