me and shirl 2

I’m off for a short break before the clocks ‘go back’ and dire winter descends! The Ardennes and a bit of history beckons and it is thus that I shall be off the radar for a few days.

As ever I shall try to catch up on the offerings of the Reader as I am advised there is the prospect of Wi-Fi, yet staying within a forest I need to see it to believe it. In the meantime I shall leave you with an old caption I knocked out a while back!



“Right then Harry, you reckon she is and you Bert are wagering she isn’t.  For my part I’m with Bert. So then on the count of three we all look up. 1….2…….”

Best of good fortune – I shall report back shortly!


    1. I’m back in the game thank you…ditched the walking stick; told my wife to delete the snaps she took of my multi-coloured butt and am back to 12k on the cross trainer…paragon of virtue me! I wish anyway!

  1. Can I borrow some of your followers while you’re gone? Only mine have all gone blind it would appear. That’s the trouble with being a satirist. Nobody talks to you in case you turn nasty 😀

    1. What about a post telling people what a true satirist is…don’t think many really appreciate that…if they did then you would rule the world and Trump would beg you for forgiveness!

      1. Haha Then I’m afraid dear Donald would be in for a long wait. I can’t even forgive him for his hair fer chrissakes! 😀 Nope, I’m happy enough in splendid isolation in here mate. My copy gets read by thousands of bods via Dafty News, News Thump etc…and not one of ’em have greeted an article with an overly enthusiastic “GREAT POST!” 😀

  2. I think you are taking far too many breaks this year Mike. Someone will have to get after you for having such a good time. Well, here I go, off with my books of poetry to find you. Where are you staying this time?

      1. The gingerbread house is not a major deterrent. It’s more those dogs you have stationed in front of your home. Last time I had to climb through barbed wire just to get through so I could read my poetry to you and Shirl. Don’t worry though, I know it’s made for undesirables and not a means to keep me away!!

    1. Why haven’t you ‘liked’ any of my blog posts Marissa???? Not one!!! You hate me don’t you Marissa? You hate me and want me dead! You want to run me over with a spiked steamroller don’t you?…I ‘liked’ one of yours earlier and this is how you repay me is it? It would serve you right if I hung myself and left a note to the cops blaming you for my demise. Hateful, hurtful and bubbling over with venemous bile, that’s you!…Anyway, how’s the family? Keeping well I hope? 😛

      1. What does one say to this outpouring of emotion?? Oh I feel so guilty and heartless. You’re right, I do deserve to drown in my own venom and sink into the darkest depths of hell as my unloving heart freezes over. Let me try to make it up to you with a bajillion half hearted likes and perhaps some insipid comments.

      2. Great! In that case, could you possibly lend me a bajillion dollars, or better still, pounds? Only I burgled Mike Steeden’s house last night and he didn’t have anything worth selling 😦

  3. …and they delighted in such pretty balls, for she was a man. Have fun Mike, you’ve inspired me to break myself- I mean, take a break and go abroad 🙂

    1. It took me a moment or two to work that out…a subtle twist on a ‘boys will be boys’ schoolboy type joke…rather think that a very fine riposte young Jessie Martinovic! Also a break before the bleak mid winter is a must I reckon.

      1. Boys hey. Well it’s actually heading on into summer here in Straya, which I’m much looking forward too 🙂

      2. Strewth! An Aussie gal no less! It is little wonder you had a different take on my caption then! Of course my fame travels far and wide…you even have my name on your rugby balls I am told and it is thus you can give me a good kicking whenever the fancy takes…or so said my (now sadly snuffed out) old Aussie chum!

      3. Haha yeah I only found that out last week! I brought something for my niece, and, the rugby ball with your name on it was on display in the little boys section. I laughed and took a photo 🙂

    1. I hope so Amber…the period between the two wars from a French perspective has always been a great influence and even though it’s relatively close The Ardennes will be new to us! The best of good fortune, Mike

    1. My thanks…our young Croatian friend I mentioned to you before now has a 14 week old beautiful little boy by the way! I have forgiven her for Zagreb beating my beloved Arsenal also!

      1. Well, with her around the playing field, and frankly me too – Zagreb rules :)))) The question remains who will the boy play or barrack for – hmm, I reckon don’t matter for both are tops 😀

    1. Still away as it happens! In the middle of The Ardennes with Wi-Fi to die for plus a bottle of fine red at my side! Got bloody toothache yet the wine helps a tad. Best of good fortune.

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