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The conversation went something akin to this!

“Have you ever thought of putting a collection of poems together as a book Mike?” 

“Occasionally young Rachel…it would be a splendid thing indeed to be able to have a bit of hard copy for the grandkids to read one day and ponder on the point as to what went on in the mind of that silly old fool of a grandad they once had.” 

“You should do it then.” 

“Do what?” 

“Write a book” 

“You’re having a laugh surely? When it comes to getting things together I’m about as much use as a fart in a thunder storm; a eunuch in a brothel; you name it and that’s how pathetic I am.” 

“No I’m not joking…just do it!” 

“It’ll never happen Rachel…you know all the practical stuff involved…I’d just glaze over…remember I’m the bloke who struggles to decide which way to turn the key in the door to open or lock as Shirley can verify…besides I’m computer illiterate…a non-starter I reckon.” 

“Leave it all to me.”

And it was thus my American chum, the lovely Rachel Carrera did just that! She played around with a snap of my wife Shirley and came up with a stupendous book cover, compiled a back page and worked on my spine (in a nice way I must stress). Thereafter she, my project manager extraordinaire created a whole book…when I say she did everything she really did…I didn’t have to lift a finger – mind if I had the whole thing would have come apart at the seams!

It is thus that Rachel, diamond gal that she is has given me something of substance for posterity and has my eternal gratitude.

Rachel can be found at – well worth a visit if you don’t know her already.

I understand that ‘my’ (should really be ‘our’ book) ‘Gentlemen Prefer a Pulse – Poetry with a Hint of Lunacy’ is now available at Amazon and on Kindle and can be found at;

For the UK;

Paperback –

Kindle –

For the US;

Paperback –

Kindle –

As to the rest of the planet I haven’t a blind clue sadly! Maybe best to try Amazon!

What are the odds I’ve messed up on these ‘links’ – the one thing I had to do myself – I wonder?


    1. My thanks…although Sod’s Law has reared its ugly head once more and it seems the appearance on the reader thing are spasmodic…on some yet not others. Last time this happened I had to reblog the post to get it to appear yet in this particular instance that does seem like cheap marketing…the one thing I wanted to avoid!

      1. Pooh indeed! Still once I reblogged it (the very thing I didn’t want to do as it comes over to any reader as ‘pushy’ marketing) it at least appeared in that reader thing at last!

  1. Despite the pushy marketing, I am going to pretend to buy this without delay! I shall then pretend to read it from cover to cover before turning it into a right-wing blockbuster movie starring Brad Pitt as yourselfand the late, great Les Dawson as Ms Carrera! HUZZAH!

  2. Congratulations on the book Mike; I wish you well with it, even though it’s something for posterity primarily.

    On a separate note, I get two, and today three (count ’em!), email notifications of your posts – any ideas?

    1. Probably me not knowing what was going on…the draft got loaded a number of times then disappeared. Happens one in three posts with me…although sometimes when I check with others some get the post; some don’t. Some appear in my reader; others don’t…drives me insane!

  3. You did nothing, major American woman publishes all every blog post ever thinked about your fingers at keyboard? I don’t believe that. Cheap marketing to me: you probably aristocratic chap, live in Bloomsbury, hobby’s probably flying, or American she-devil, she probably satanist wants your blood for bloodbank in Germany immigrants. I’ve met your types, other so-called book writers. And amazon, the facepaint kids do it all generation the time is what now, buggers? Even old fella has a go, can’t think of anything to look he suppose or online knob comparison website only curiosity, take the money from the bank account for liking a checkout. No justice and when a photograph of his own knob in the post appears? Anyway, on its way to your place, don’t open, but saying congratulations with me in, at least that is something

    Well done Mike x.

    1. It’s all very well having my American gal chum do all the work yet she promised me groupies banging on the front door. Where are they…I mean the book is selling in hundreds…I have the credit card statement (my own that is) to prove it…but no groupies. I’ve checked with the Rumanian Embassy next door only to find a scruffy old man chewing tobacco there; been down to the port, even checked with P&O and Eurotunnel to establish if bookings in terms of young females entering the UK are on the up! Nothing. From my window I did note a portly old dear limping by (oddly she had a tub of gravy granules balanced on her head). She did turn toward me yet trudged ever onward and upward. Maybe today a team of them will arrive…you know ‘make an old man happy’ and all that. Who knows!

  4. Such a kind, selfless gesture by Rachael. I don’t vote, but will be voting for kindness this year- as we need more of these people. Well done Mike, I will purchase it upon my next pay check 🙂

    1. You are quite correct. Rachel is a true diamond gal I cannot thank enough who has done good old ‘waste of space’ me the kindest thing…she did imply the groupies would be knocking at my door though…none so far…the postman doesn’t count!

  5. Publishing own book is a kind of a big deal, it is an accomplishment – so congratulations as many dream of it and only few really make it happen. I did it once and certainly will do it again:) Have an inspired 2019!

    1. My thanks, Anna. This one was my first book. Since then I’ve selfpublished ‘The Shop that Sells Kisses’ and a novel ‘Notoriously Naked Flames’. A new book has just been finished. You get that second book under way. Whether they sell or not means nothing to me, because what I write is part of me and a better thing to leave behind than a plaque on a gravestone, methinks. Wishing you a tremendous New Year.

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