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book cover 12092015

The conversation went something akin to this!

“Have you ever thought of putting a collection of poems together as a book Mike?” 

“Occasionally young Rachel…it would be a splendid thing indeed to be able to have a bit of hard copy for the grandkids to read one day and ponder on the point as to what went on in the mind of that silly old fool of a grandad they once had.” 

“You should do it then.” 

“Do what?” 

“Write a book” 

“You’re having a laugh surely? When it comes to getting things together I’m about as much use as a fart in a thunder storm; a eunuch in a brothel; you name it and that’s how pathetic I am.” 

“No I’m not joking…just do it!” 

“It’ll never happen Rachel…you know all the practical stuff involved…I’d just glaze over…remember I’m the bloke who…

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  1. This is the bane of many a creator Mike. The mechanics of organising, promoting, the technicalities…it’s all a nightmare for most. However, at a pinch, if you did want some for the grand-kids, get them all made up into a photobook at Tesco or the like. Really. I know people who have done the same. I know it sounds naff, but it is a no hassle way to get it all together in one job lot. The book title above is perfect. Hahahaha. You’re not pathetic though, you’re an artist dahhhrlink!

    – sonmi laughing upon the Cloud

    1. Nothing practical is simple to me…also our Tesco’s is full of tattooed, bald blokes with muscles and huge women who fill their trolleys with pizza and after the horse has bolted diet coke! Still thanks for the idea I may charge my son with the task!

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