Their destination a place
of Romanesque arches
Umbrian passion
revealed chorally
echoes and reverb
Gregorian chants
ambitus monks
Latin of course
dubious in content?
Faithful care not
God and seed
mystifying bunkmates
‘Condoms are cool’
a Papal foresight fancy
shelved come first light
 “I’ll meet you on the merry-go-round. You look forth and I’ll look back as we whirl.” Her eagerness for life irritated him on occasions yet resistance was futile in the face of this adorable creature. Yet more zeal, “What did you see? What did you see?”

“A marionette horde
in a pavement crush
then naked dummies
mortal ones, some
of free spirit, others
chasing modesty all
in posh storefront lunettes
waiting to be fashioned
this way and that by
a gorilla in a tuxedo
fat cigar in mush corner
told me he’d dress them up
come the new season
while in the mire gutter
angels plied their trade
while beggars begged
from one another
in dark alleyways
End times are near
I think”
“And you? Tell me what you saw,” not that he really cared

“Red squirrels hiding nuts.” She giggles, palm covers her mouth, coy and sheepish as she says ‘nuts’
“A ‘not yet ready’ thunder cloud
grumbling that I’d asked for rainbows too soon
a handsome prince also…I was dancing a waltz with him of all things!
a Chocolatier dishing out free samples
the smoky ghost of my mother
puncturing her finger on rose prickle
seeped blood, first just a little
then a crimson tide banished the grey
things like that and…almost forgot
gargoyles choking on noxious cinders”
“Thought so…as I said, End Times are near”


      1. Did you spot Shirl’s marionette festival shots from the bi-annual festival in Charlesville on FB…the stuff of nightmares…even the little school kids were crying!

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