Through a manipular formation of painstakingly deployed high conifers

A boy child wanders leaving a trail of Converse crushed pine combs in his wake

Homeward bound he follows the lemon aura of a blinding silvery glare ahead

Then into the field of full bloom sunflowers all face about staring recklessly at their mentor

Pollen draped ‘busy as ever’ honeybees, dressed to the nines fuss and rush

A remodelled paradise, within an ever so lucky landscape of unfolding abundance


It is only now when he returns to the

familiar perimeter pathway that the lad clocks

his regular shadow has mutated

that this shadow carries a handgun

silhouettes seldom are deceitful

perplexed the kid, a good kid, quite bright

loved and adored by one and all, pauses

turns around for an unobstructed view

the blaze now at his back


“Well this won’t do will it”


Quizzical and spooked more than a little

he takes a giant step of ever hopeful detachment

no joy though

the gun totting shadow remains


Talking to himself as per usual he mutters, “Shadows shouldn’t be allowed guns…it’s not safe!”


After some deliberation twixt mind and body

he concludes that to run away from his shadow might be his best option

if that fails then as soon as he gets home he will ask his mum to unstitch it

go out and buy a new one at the Mall later on


He never made it home though

his shadow, the only one he had ever had

‘one of his own,’ a friend almost

certainly not an immigrant shadow

a perfectly legal shadow as it happens

never caused him problems previously

shot him in the back; killed the youngster outright


“Well Officer what do you make of this? I’ll need to run a post mortem but on the face of it the kid didn’t suffer…shot from behind several times…first bullet through the heart…the balance fired maybe at random or maybe just to be sure…regardless he would have died on the spot I reckon…tragic”

“Wrong place, wrong time…yet another mindless gun crime…still these things happen in The Land of the Free don’t they? Best we just move on…remember ‘In God is our trust’ and all that”


Somewhere in the New Lands in
The Shop of Old Testament’s Angry Amendment
and with consummate ease an emboldened otherwise
gutless shadow buys one more shooter



25 thoughts on “A BOY CHILD, HIS SHADOW & A GUN

  1. Somewhere in the bloody lads of wordpress, in ignorance of the fact Mike Steededn has tired to stop it, this was spewed out four times.. I can only find it once though. SO that is an improvement for you Mike. Wonderful work x

    1. Oh, you would make the most amazing entertainer. For some reason I were thinking of yore in days of yore as a sort of building the carousels and ye olde merry-go-rounds and given yore skills that way, Oih was thinking that moight be a bad oidea. Look moih Mr Shey be the same… merry-go-round be kloihin on ground in pieces if you said, go toighten that seta reins there,,,,,

      1. A merry-go-round of hamsters instead of horses! There’s a thing. By the way I feel a cheat coming on today…you see by popular demand over a year ago now I killed off Jessica Downlow – The Tree Hugging Suicidal Poet but thumbing through some old stuff I found the 5 part series and am thus going to cheat and post the gal again…always had a soft spot for her! Can’t write anything proper like as our Brazilian chap is drilling things in and can’t think you see!

    1. Thank you Debby…an Englishman I might be and arguably it’s none of my business yet the US really…surely…has to do something about regular/irregular citizens being allowed to get hold of guns!

      1. Well, you are a human, though, and as such, you might (unlike some Americans) care about the lives of others and also see the connection between the nothing we’re doing about this and the lives we keep losing.

      2. I do believe Debby that America, once it gets the will to act is capable of achieving a goal, any goal more – subjective I know – than any other place on the planet. That fact is what many other nations envy (in a good way I stress) yet others remain so very jealous of.

  2. Powerful mind twitching stuff took me a while to get the message… However I should add wouldn’t it be great to press a default button and the world would be minus guns ..bombs…etc

  3. Powerful piece. The same of course happens in the US but we are in to mass shootings now…the latest rave. Why so many guns? The politicians are bought off by the American Rifle Association which has become stronger than them. Sad but true. 🙂

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