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Through a manipular formation of painstakingly deployed high conifers

A boy child wanders leaving a trail of Converse crushed pine combs in his wake

Homeward bound he follows the lemon aura of a blinding silvery glare ahead

Then into the field of full bloom sunflowers all face about staring recklessly at their mentor

Pollen draped ‘busy as ever’ honeybees, dressed to the nines fuss and rush

A remodelled paradise, within an ever so lucky landscape of unfolding abundance

It is only now when he returns to the

familiar perimeter pathway that the lad clocks

his regular shadow has mutated

that this shadow carries a handgun

silhouettes seldom are deceitful

perplexed the kid, a good kid, quite bright

loved and adored by one and all, pauses

turns around for an unobstructed view

the blaze now at his back

“Well this won’t do will it”

Quizzical and spooked more than a little

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9 thoughts on “A BOY CHILD, HIS SHADOW & A GUN

    1. You may not believe it but I actually lost sleep over the kids getting shot at college in the US the other day…it seems every other week the news stories hit the headlines…in a land as great as the US this just shouldn’t happen!

      1. Take guns away and it would be more difficult to such evil things…Americans have the most positive outlook of anywhere on the planet…if they want to get a job done they generally do and this is a job that needs to be don methinks.

  1. Powerful words! Our country and world are becoming scarier and our awareness is more up to date with social media. These school shootings are horrific; there are no words to describe them. Everyday I say a prayer that my college kids are safe and my heart aches for those families who have lost loved ones in these tragedies. How does one cope and move forward? It’s beyond any reasoning…I’m unsure of one big solution, but several little steps come to mind. Hopefully, instead of multiplying, these events will lessen and stop.

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