Swift re-blog as research reveals yet again ‘on some readers; not on others’! It’ll come up twice now!


infinity tv

In perfect calligraphy the calfskin parchment almost complete
The Book of Everything translated from the Ancient Greek
could be read using microscope, telescope or naked eye, yet
a guaranteed ‘glaze over’ for villager congregations far and wide
two decades in the making since Papal Instruction at last a near reality
The tiniest drop of iron gall ink nose dives from the swan feather quill
‘Hell and damnation’ cries the portly, flagellated friar
as the Norseman puts him to the sword
A very Dark Age day!

From the highest branches they evolved
those beyond creations destitute claim
blind to vertigo, dancing upon volcano lips
quaking at only thunderbolts and lightning strikes

Charcoal and chalk
upon limestone walls
spear and flame
gather and hunt
warriors without mercy
ritual virgin offerings
to the unseen Illustrious
Hunter’s respectful
maybe not very good hunters?
Greed eternal
three field symmetry

Scroll forward
the blessing…

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7 thoughts on “INFINITY TV

      1. I was able to read the beginning of your piece on the reader, but when I hit “view the original” to see the entire, it keeps telling me it cannot access that page

      2. Worse still your new book I ordered still fails to arrive whereas ‘stuff’ my wife has ordered from the self same Amazon at the very same time turned up on Thursday gone…I’ll lay odds that if I take time out to pen a letter of complaint the book will appear out of nowhere…a quandary!

      3. Don’t think so…just got back from a swift shopping trip to France and no post at all (we always have a good measure of post)…something is amiss…I sense a conversation with an inanimate recording post hours of listening to lift music come morning! If I do get through to a human I also sense sarcasm and a hint of rudeness on my part possibly the order of the day!

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