infinity tv

In perfect calligraphy the calfskin parchment almost complete
The Book of Everything translated from the Ancient Greek
could be read using microscope, telescope or naked eye, yet
a guaranteed ‘glaze over’ for villager congregations far and wide
two decades in the making since Papal Instruction at last a near reality
The tiniest drop of iron gall ink nose dives from the swan feather quill
‘Hell and damnation’ cries the portly, flagellated friar
as the Norseman puts him to the sword
A very Dark Age day!

From the highest branches they evolved
those beyond creations destitute claim
blind to vertigo, dancing upon volcano lips
quaking at only thunderbolts and lightning strikes

Charcoal and chalk
upon limestone walls
spear and flame
gather and hunt
warriors without mercy
ritual virgin offerings
to the unseen Illustrious
Hunter’s respectful
maybe not very good hunters?
Greed eternal
three field symmetry

Scroll forward
the blessing of fermentation
red brick over dried dung
wheel and blunderbuss
goodbye cruel world
lines on maps
Gothic towers and ravens
revolting reflector high rise
crater bouncing upon pumpkin
jet planes and drones
‘Shock and awe’
Mushroom shaped clouds
Dreams and swansongs

Infinity as a box set
One season too many?
Worry not for Infinity TV
always plays ‘Catch Up’!



30 thoughts on “INFINITY TV

  1. The blessing of fermentation- red brick over dried dung. What an absolute sensational write Mike. Looks up at her walk clock, still in the packet, hung on the wall ‘Infinity Alarm Clock’, Batteries not included. Best clock ever, alongside my broken watch.

      • No the backing of the cardboard has a hole (the clock is only 15 x 15cm) where it was displayed with a few others on a metal rod. It is hanging from that on a wall screw & is entirely out of proportion to the wall.

      • That I can only take things literally and question as such may I ask (otherwise my day will be ruined thinking about it)…did the box come with a hole it or was said hole a Dali’esque stroke of genius on your part?

      • Perhaps you should blog said photo with a surreal tale as its companion? Indeed you have sparked another thought within this addled old mind. You see we had a picture putting up day in our ‘new to us yet very old to the world’ house yesterday. Too plan it all went save for a small framed postcard I set in the middle of a wall…initially my son (I am useless with drills and things) flatly refused to affix the ‘hook’ and my lovely wife said it looked like a spot on an elephants bum yet I think it looks great! The is something ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ about it…ponder…still pondering

  2. Clearly you’re not lonely or on the market, but if you were I would take a close look at how much people reveal to you before you let it all hang out. That’s why inline this one though. No holds barred.

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