false memories

Company car keys at the ready CHECK
Stuffed to bursting point plastic carrier bags CHECK
Wonky old suitcase, zipper knackered a bit; just the one functional wheel…bollocks CHECK
Cherished vinyl’s stuffed precariously under a sweaty armpit CHECK
A stolen memento (not telling) CHECK
Fly buttons done up? CHECK
‘My hat…where’s my bloody hat?
Forgot…I’m wearing it’
Got everything?
He hopes so…there’s no turning back this time

There are some events even Time itself is too afraid to dabble with
leaving cathartic flashbacks pure, untouched, crystal clear

He notes a manky mutt now pisses against the lamppost
he took the liberty of ‘lamping’ that day so long ago
preferable to hit the inanimate than otherwise an adroit hunch?
Anyhow, ‘Good luck to you Fido or whatever your godforsaken name is’

Still here he stands
older yet no wiser
exact same place
same street, a shame
‘too many trucks’ use it
A back double these days

Outside that same house
his home one time
done up rather nicely he sees
better nick than he left it in!
wonders who lives there now?
Reckons a young ‘nuclear’ family
yes a family…’twas a big lump of Victoriana after all
flat conversions perhaps?
No…can’t be…just the one door bell
confirms his first suspicion

He penned an ‘almost’ verse that very same day
later on though, early evening if the truth be told
juvenile yet heartfelt; sufficient yet lacking
in the pub, eight pints into an oblivion quest
so long ago now…recalls it read something like this

You draw a line, a line in the dirt, I ask you what it’s for
You tell me I can cross it, you should have told me more

You tell me that it’s time for you to step back and set me free
That unshackled from love’s chains I just might find my destiny

You shrug, say you got bored with the games that we play
That you want for me to move on, you’d be most grateful anyway

I ask you if…I ask you if you’ll grant me just one final wish, just the one selfish final wish, ‘Can your memory travel with me?’

You take some time out thinking, then you treat me like a fool
You laugh as you remind me ‘Lost love has false memories…that’s all’


24 thoughts on “FALSE MEMORIES

  1. Mike you can turn the saddest events into a smile however inappropriate that smile may be. Love your outlook and style. Plus I get to read ” knackered” and ” bollocks” great stuff. Bring it!

  2. Lost love has false memories. Really? I could recall exactly what happened when a guy, I had a ‘mutual’ love with, told me we couldn’t be together yet – and I agreed.

    1. Interesting point you make and most certainly true that ‘remember’ yet do those memories match the event from either side of the rift? Then again you gals are more realistic than us chaps I’ve found…which is, of course why I like you gals better, much better than I do us chaps!

      1. I would love to hear the other side of the story but I would never know the answer to that for I have no idea where he is now! Perhaps one day?
        And as for your preference, I think Shirley’s relieved to hear that! 😉

  3. This lyric of separation, a triptych: witty inner voice (contemporary); separation of time and event (the dog piss) by marking one’s territory; and rhyming lyric of long ago full of portent wins out on every level. It is too wise to be nostalgic and far too intelligent to be sad or depressed.
    Laurie Keim

    1. Cheers…you have just about defined this old fool…indeed more than ‘just about’ (a phrase of good old me in historical denial methinks!)…indeed the finest review of a poem knocked out by yours truly ever I’d say. Thanks again.

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