Lucid in his coma contradiction paralysis devices that go ‘ping’ would never detect ubiquity his best kept disguise A malignant mortality a thriving world apart impalpable his hush-hush head but oh what a life he lives there lust, love and something in-between starlets and a sweethearts rebuke yes dreams within dreams also Icarus wings in … More LUCID IN HIS COMA


  My doctor is a Muslim my dentist is as well as is the man running the corner shop who cares for his clientele   The bloke next door he’s one too his missus gives us dishes traditional Bangladesh cuisine gifted to us with her best wishes   He also owns a restaurant he serves … More A DISGRACE

JACK FROST’S SHOWTIME (renamed ‘The Tree Fetish’)

When, having danced again old fruitions fervid cavort of The Ten Thousand Leaves the now ripened boscage harem is laid all but bare what little modesty afforded the sweet things, just the tightest fitting skirts of cheap evergreen self-supporting ivy, then finally, and at great expense Jack Frost’s ShowTime has arrived The tantrum Sun having … More JACK FROST’S SHOWTIME (renamed ‘The Tree Fetish’)